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  • Professional repairman2 votes
  • Repairman jovial1 votes
  • Ease of scheduling service1 votes
  • Poor Customer Service13 votes
  • Disrespectful Attitude11 votes
  • Lack of Integrity9 votes
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  • Feb 26
  • Repairs
  • Channelview, Texas
  • Freezer
  • 28

After 6 failed attempts at trying to repair our freezer I wanted to talk to super/master tech and Margaret #27362 spent her time telling me what she couldn't do without even knowing what the issue/problem was. I told her how do you know and she said it didn't matter what I wanted they couldn't help. Repair was requested through Sears each time, Sears told me that I needed master tech to deem it... Read more

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  • Feb 18
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Lg Washer
  • 56

called on Feb 4th and scheduled service call on Feb.12th. Service guy came and identified problem quickly and ordered parts, had to come back out again on Feb 18th to fix. Was literally here for 10, maybe 15 mins, installed parts did a "TEST" on washer and was out the door. Skeptical, I quickly threw some clothes in washer, speed wash and guess what??!! it was NOT fixed. Washer will not... Read more

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Technician ID number 820548 named James guys a *** try to rip you off charge of things that you don't need will never call Amy factory service you guys suck! Add comment

Had an a & e appt. For 2-14-15 all day for my kenmore oasis washer 11028032700 and I called to verify the visit throughout the dAy. After 5 i called again because they didn't show up. This happened during thanksgiving, as well. I found out about the cancellation after I calk sears re Add comment

  • Feb 12
  • Repairs
  • Astoria, Oregon
  • Dryer
  • 52

The "tech" diagnosed our dryer as needing a new component and left. When the part was shipped to our place he returned to repair, but spent an hour fuming and complaining about having to work on the unit. He called and angrily ordered the local Sears to send him a "helper". They banged up our appliance, walls, cabinet doors, and then proclaimed the dryer duct to be the cause of the malfunction.... Read more

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  • Feb 11
  • Repairs
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Refrigerator Repair
  • 41

This company does not even deserve a star! First they have a 5 hour window. Like I had 5 hours to just sit and wait. 2nd the repair guy did not fix the water drip issue on our fridge, but instead he caused a flood in our house after doing a crappy job fixing the water line. Now our hard wood floors are ruined, tile ruined, cabinets, carpet and dry wall all ruined! Everything in the basement below... Read more

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  • Feb 10
  • Repairs
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Washer Repair
  • 27

Scheduled washer service. Got a phone call the night before confirming a tech would arrive between 1-5pm the next day. *** work, arrange for someone to cover my classes (teacher here.) Expense for me and my school district. On my drive home, find the voice mail that states "No service tech available today, we have to reschedule." Called back,got the complete run around story. I call a local... Read more

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  • Feb 10
  • Repairs
  • Jupiter, Florida
  • Repair Appointment
  • 16

i had a samsung warranty apt set up. they changed the day. i finally got it right. than on te apt i didn't have apt, was told different thingd when i called. i had to call sears coreat only to find out about a booking discrepancy. didn' t even call me. corp trid to change my apt to the next day. i said cancel the call. I f you aren't competent enough to schedule your apts, i am not... Read more

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  • Feb 07
  • Television/ Radio
  • Magnolia, Texas
  • Technician
  • 99

The technician who came to repair my tv thru Sears Home Repair said a couple of "odd" things when he was here but I didn't question it any further. Then when he was leaving he put his hand on my shoulder and then again on my waist as I was walking him to the door. I called Sears and reported it. They supposedly were supposed to take him off of the 2nd repair call. The same tech showed up at my... Read more

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  • Feb 01
  • Repairs
  • Buffalo, New York
  • 94

I would like to thank all the consumers who post negative complaints about the service field. As a 12year service tech, when you go to school they only show you the basic, everyday we go to work it is on the job training. The problem is that the manufacture does not offer training on new products until they are out months or years later. The manufacture is always competing against the next... Read more

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