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We bought new appliances with warranty and extended warranty and somehow got hooked up with A&E. In my opinion, this company is unprofessional, dishonest and vastly unorganized and I wish I could shout this from the highest and loudest point to warn all away.

Our microwave shorted out (breaker) just out of warranty and we found out that A&E was the service company.

I called and set appt. This appliance is at our second home which is one hour and a half away from normal residence. So any appointment there takes the entire day and entails 3 hours of driving. First of all the telephone reps do not speak English well and have problems with details.

Once first appt. was made I showed up the day of appt. and waited for tech. Tech shows up, looks at appliance (Jenn Air) and says he doesn't know how to work on it or even how to take it out of the wall space and asks my husband to help him.

We immediately called A&E and they apologized, said he wouldn't be sent again and rescheduled for two weeks later. 2nd appt. tech shows up, diagnoses problem and orders part and says I have to pay up front $129.00 for service call $16.00 for part. I pay and wait for 3rd appt.

two weeks later to install part. Third. appt. date rolls around, I show up and get a call around 1 and it's the first tech for didn't know how to work on Jenn Air.

I asked if he had learned how to work on the appliance and he said no. So I told him not to come as he didn't even know how to take it out of the wall. I called and rescheduled 4th appt. for two weeks later.

Show up for 4th appt. wait all day (their window is 8am - 5pm) and finally get a call from company that tech had hit a deer and they had no other techs available that day. Scheduled 5th appt. for two weeks later, tech shows up and finally fixes appliance.

I asked him about the deer accident and he said he was a member of the safety team and there was not a deer accident as far as he knew. At time of last appt. I filled out a customer survey with all 1's (couldn't give 0's) and asked to be called to talk about some type of reimbursement. Three weeks later I called the executive offices and was offered $25.00 for my trouble.

In my opinion, this company does not care about their clients, once they get their money upfront, you are at their mercy... and I mean mercy. I stopped counting the cell phone minutes I used on hold, being rerouted, and explaining this saga to many many people, all to be told "we'll give you $25.00 for your 2 months and 5 appointments, 15 hours of driving, and the time it took to even get someone on the phone to talk about reimbursement.

Every time I see an A&E truck I think about the poor clients that will probably experience their inadequate service and think they should not even be in business. In my humble opinion, this place is a joke.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #751611

You don't need to shout it....just read the previous reviews of A&E. Don't fret....you'll soon be getting an email from those caring folks at SEARS (Online moderators).....to mitigate your pain with a pathetic canned apology......just accept it.....that's all your gonna get

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