Under no circumstances should you use this company. I called for repair in Friday, after my Whirlpool washing machine flooded my whole house.

Was told someone would be there btwn 8-12 the next day. Called 2x to confirm the appt and leave a cell phone number as I had to leave the house to drop my child off to church, and come back, no call. Waited til 1230 and called again. They said my appt was for MONDAY!

This, after they said 'tomorrow btwn 8 and 12" and two calls to check the status, on which I was reassured they were running late and would be there that day.

Today, given 8-12 window. called 2x to see the whereabouts of technincian - said Im on schedule to be serviced by 12. Just called, at 1235, and they said Im scheduled btwn 130 and 2! WTF???

I didnt even get a courtesy call to say that my appointment was moved. I bet if I call back now, I get a different answer.

And I am also willing to bet they wont show, but stay tuned. Now, who will pick up my kids from school?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ae Factory Service Repair.

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Kennewick, Washington, United States #651358

I've very similar issue with A&E Factory Service. I bought my Samsung fridge from Lowes with extended warranty and it started to have issues changing temp on its own.

A&E factory tech is supposed to stop by today between 8am - 12pm to fix it but never did. I called their company, was told by the rep saying the tech is running late. When I asked why they did not call me, the rep hung up on me. I called back again and spoke to the supervisor, was told the same thing that tech is running late and will call me when they're heading my way.

Apparently if I need to have my thing fixed, I "have" to stay home waiting for them to arrive and can't do anything else. I'm not sure how this company would survive with such bad system and customer service team.


I complained to channel 7 on your side. I urge others to do the same.

If we do, there will be an investigation launched.

At the very least, it will give them public humility and shame them for their awful examples of customer service! The very same things happened to me.


This is the worst company.I had an appointment scheduled for Saturday from 1pm-5pm. They called me around 1pm to tell me that there sorry but they cannot come out on Saturday because they were too busy and that I had to rescedule. I work Monday thru Fri and was a big inconvinience.


I had the same problem with the company and don't even do there job correctly when there come out and we need to find a way to have them out of business hurt to many customers and the worst company I had ever had to deal with.


I have the same problem with the company we all need to find a way to get them out of busniess.


I purchased a refrigerator through Lowes and it has had issues. A&E has serviced it 6 times for the same issue and has not been able to resolve it.

I don't know where the problem is, whether I got a lemon or what. Anyway I wanted to post my experience as it differs from others. I have always had a 4-hour window scheduled for A&E to come.

They have always come in that window and usually closer to the start of the window. They always call at least 15 to 30 minutes before they came.

If I were having to pay for service I doubt I would call them, but I've certainly had worse service from other companies.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #248885

Sears and AE Factory are all one company, the difference is the Sears techs can only go out on Sears and collect call customers, there a+e techs can go out on all customers but are primarily set up to go out on the other applainces store customers,thats the way the contracts read, home depot, lowes, whirpool competditors of Sears dont want a sears uniformed tech or truck showing up at there customers home. Both groups are routed threw Sears and routing screwed up giving your call to a Sears uniformed tech, if they dont make it right call the store you purchased it from and demand another contractor beside Sears / A+E to come out.


An update. At 230, the tech calls and tells me the company is falling apart, and that he works for Sears and cant service my washer. That they need to send an A&E tech...I called a and e...why would they set me up with Sears if I called A & E

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