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A&E arrived at my home, spent 2 hrs working on my dryer, only to tell me they didn't have the necessary parts to complete the job. So much for their website claims "we do right the first time" and to have all the necessary parts up front.

Mind you, I provided them the serial and model numbers at the time of the appointment. The best part is that while the dryer was not working perfectly when the tech arrived, it was working but when he left, it didn't work at all - as in, not working. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with 2 rude customer service reps telling me that I still needed to pay for the service and that if I didn't, I would be sent to collection. I ended up having to leave a series of messages with the tech, finally got through, and had to have him walk me through the procedure for reconnecting some wires that had been left unconnected.

The best part is that I made an appointment 3 weeks from now to get the other part installed. A&E still ordered the part "overnight priority", making the mistake of having it delivered to my home, even though the part could have made it to my house on a mule by the time of my next appointment. When I asked why would they order a part priority overnight for an appointment that is still 3 weeks out, I only got the answer "that is our emergency shipping policy". A&E will not reimburse me for the expedited shipping charge.

Nice. I'll never use these guys again.

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It's not the Tech's fault. It's the new computer routing they began using two years ago.

The tech probably didn't know the call existed until 10 minutes before your call and is told to get to the next call if not home.

No way to bring parts when they have no clue where they are going next. The computer doesn't know who's going either unless it's overridden by a manager.

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