I own new Whirlpool appliances, refrigerator, washer, drier, dishwasher. I've had extensive issues with Whirlpool's equipment, but am really writing to complain about one of their contracted repair service companies, A & E factory service.

Never in my life have I been let down so often and spoken to so rudely by a repair service or customer service department. My washer has been serviced 4 times in 1.5 months and is still not working correctly. A & E has repeatedly missed apointments and has little sympathy for me, the customer, who's had to take 4 half days off work due to their incompetence, which has led to missed income for me. I could have bought new appliances with the money lost.

We are also having refrigerator issues which they supposedly fixed, but broke down again soon thereafter. That's a total of 6 service appointments for 2 appliances in 1 year. The worst part is, when I call their customer service (all names, operator #s are documented, as are dates) and complain about missed appointmnents, they are not even sorry. I said "What happens if you guys fail to show up for a 4th time, what recourse do I have?" Their exact response, "None.

All you can do is reschedule a 5th appointment." I asked them to waive the $ 60 fee as a way to make it up to me and the customer service supervisor literally laughed over the phone. Now I've spent $6000 on faulty appliances that can't be serviced properly because either A & E factory service doesn't know what they are doing or just does not care. I've filed complaints with Whirlpool who stated, "We are severely embarassed for A & E that this has happened and will use other vendors in your area moving forward." They've agreed to fix the refrigerator and washer for free, to make up for A & E Factory Service's incompetence. I am filing this complaint after reading MANY complaints on the Internet against A & E that were eerily similar to mine.

I want to prevent A & E Factory Service (I believe they are contracted via Sears) from costing another household, time, money and stress with their rudeness, lack of knowledge, and lack of common sense. Their address on the business card is: A & E Factory Service, 353 Richard Mine Road, Wharton, NJ phone 800-905-9505.

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