My complaint is regarding the incompetence of A&E Factory Service. The first appointment was cancelled. The second appointment the tech. never even looked at my Jenn-Air Range, he said he knew what was wrong & ordered some parts. When the parts arrived I called to schedule the next appointment the tech. showed up and actually took the stove apart. Instead of following procedure using a plastic mat on the floor he pulled the stove out on my brand new bamboo floor creating a 12 inch gash in the floor. He then determined that the wrong parts had been sent.

On two more occasions the wrong parts were sent. The 4th time they sent parts, yes wrong again! I finally asked the tech. what parts they were looking for. It turns out that it was a 50 cent indicator light that doesn't have a part # so they have to send the whole $150 burner, which was the wrong part. Yes I began scratching my head frustrated and confused. I then asked if they had determined what caused the indicator light to fail. The reason I called in the first place was because there was a spark under the flat top. Could it be a faulty wire?

Yes none of the wrong parts were needed! A 5 cent high heat wire connector was the only part needed to repair the stove.

It has been 2 months & countless hours on the phone, no progress has been made for repairing the floor. I am waiting for a Tech. Manager named Mike Lennox to make a decision.

I am at my wits end with this company !

Product or Service Mentioned: Ae Factory Service Repair.

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We will never attempt to do business with this company again. We had a scheduled appointment for A&E to come between 1 and 5.

At 4:00, a recorded call was received stating that they were running behind. At 7:00, still no one showed. I called to find out the status only to be told that I would have to reschedule. After missing a day of work, A&E should be paying me.

No results when speaking to the manager. I guess I'm considering my experience positive in that after reading the reviews, I am better off contacting another company.


It took four paid A&E technicians, HOURS of my un-paid time and many, many, new/expensive parts before the final A&E technician determined that "my appliance was working as it should according to the standards set forth by the manufacturer."(even though it took this technician over 2 hours to come to this conclusion.) This final technicians also stated that all the A&E technicians before him did not know what they were doing and did not have near the experience he did and thus he was right and all the other A&E technicians were wrong in their diagnosis of my appliance, so all the money spent on ordering new parts was not necessary, nor were the HOURS of my time required.

I would NEVER, NEVER recommend this company, even to my worst enemy.


The Maytag service center just referred me to these guys, so I'm disappointed to read the bad reviews. Maytag had previously reffered me to Electric Express Appliances and their reviews were dreadful.

I might as well stick a pin randomly into the Yellow Pages since Maytag obviously doesn't care who services its customers.

So much for Maytag (aka Whirlpool)and the Maytag Man!


My nightmare with A&E began on July 5, 2011. To his credit the A&E tech showed up promptly and was professional and polite. That's the good part of my experience with A&E.

The tech proceeded to remove access panels from my Kitchen Aid electric range (purchaes from Sears), and after testing the control panel circuit board, stated that "you need a new circuit board." mY QUESTION WAS, "How much will that cost?" He looked up the price and announced that it would be $625.00 including labor. I told him I would think about it and call him later.

I then got on the internet searching for info on my exact model range and discovered that many owners of the model had the same problem that I had. The burners, clock, timer, etc. all worked fine, except the oven would not work. Most folks mentioned that they discovered that the problem was caused by a blown inline fuse that supplies power to the oven. After searching for some time, I found the fuse, which was covered by shrink tubing and removed it.

Today I went to an electrical supply co. and the fuse was definitely blown.

Now for the happy ending. I purchased an $8.00 replacement fuse, went home, installed it and instantly the oven worked. It has been on for over two hours and is still working fine. I contacted Kitch Aid today and filed a customer complain, requesting a full refund for the service call which involved the mis-diagnosis. Do you think that it's possible for a tech who claimed to have 20 years experience, to over look a fuse problem that according to many other owners is a common problem? Or could it be that a new board would generate more income for the tech and the A&E corp? I wish I knew the exact answer. Nevertheless, I will take leagal action against A&E, if they do not refund my $129.00 for the bogus service call, that could have cost me an additional $625.00. Caveat Emptor for anyone who may be thinking about using A&E.


quit making excuses tech. Not many people are happy with your company's service. That's the bottom line.


It is a nightmare! Please do not use them.

They have horrible work ethics and bad repair work.

Had to call them back 7 times within the span of 3 months and after the 6 months the whole thing fell apart.

I would not want any one to use their services!!!!


A & E Factory Service entire organization is incompetent. I have a Fisher & Paykel Dryer that quit working over a month ago.

It is still under warranty so I had no choice in who would perform the repair. Over the past 5 weeks, this A&E company has been to my house 4 times out of 6 appts, missed 2 appts. that they never bothered to call or reschedule, ordered the wrong part each visit, sent a different tech. each time, each tech.

says the previous tech. ordered the wrong part, I have to wait a week every time to schedule another appt, I have over 20 hours of my own time wasted on waiting at my house and missing work due to their incompetence.


a&e missed 2 appointments with me.after three weeks of being jerked around by these people, i had to install the parts on my dishwasher and refrigerator myself. A&E absolutely sucks.

if you ever get involved with them go by a new appliance, with the work you will miss waiting on them it will be cheaper. they suck!!!!!!!!


I am a a&e service tech. Yes there are some jerks out there that don't care anything about the customer or what damage they occur.

However there are many of us who take pride in our jobs and have gone way beyond our duties to guarantee cust satisfaction. A lot of times our hands are tied due to company policy. We can't answer your problems with retail stores but recently I filed a complaint about the way GE handled a call with a customer and myself. GE basically lied to both of us making my job even harder and this happens way to often.

We have a tech help line that if the call takes to long to diagnose a problem machine then they disconnect us or tell us we can't order a part even though we can physically see the part is bad. If we order it without authorization then we get in trouble. We are always asking for more training on the newer equipment but are always told that there is no money for additonal training. A&E answers to Sears and they are the puppet master even though we have are a separate business entity.

Sears pays our paychecks so if you have a problem with A&E then yell at Sears also.

Don't always blame the tech. They aren't always the one at fault.

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