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This complaint could be about lots of companies as it started with a brand new 30 day old refrigerator purchased at Lowes, who washed thier hands of it as soon as we left the building. Less than 1 month later it made a funny noise, they refered us to A&E who is the repair vendor for Samsung under the manufacturers warranty. They came out and took everything apart and said nothing was wrong. That was the day before we left town for Thanksgiving. That morning we woke up and realized the refrigerator WAS indeed broken. In fact it was out and all of our food spoiled. There was nothing we could do for five days. It stayed 54 degrees inside of the unit until we got back. Have you ever seen egg nog at 54 degrees after five days? Gross.

We called them back immediately and they had someone come out and low and behold they goofed, there was something wrong. The air wasnt cirulating in the unit. They took everything apart and said the parts they needed would be overnighted to our house and we would be put at the top of the repair list as this was deemed an emergency. Mind you our old unit was hauled off when the new one was delivered. By Saturday, the part still hadnt arrived so I called them back. The rep said the repair man should not have told us the parts would be overnighted because they were not in stock and had to be ordered and would arrive the following week. Apparently no one communicates internally or they have bad records.

The part arrived the following Monday and has been sitting on my kitchen table ever since. It is now Wednesday. They were scheduled to come out today between 9am-1pm. I was assured that we would be top priority because this is going on week 2. At 10:30am the tech called my husband, who took off work...again for them to tell him he was running late. Fine. By 12:45 my husband called and they informed him there was no longer a tech on this route. If we hadnt done the work to track them down, they would have never shown up and we would be out another day!!!!! Great customer service. So my husband who has been very patient through this demanded to speak to the highest person possible. Do you know what the nerve this individual had to say to my husband, who has now taken off 2 days of work and who has been without a refrigerator for 2 weeks and lost over $500 in groceries???? He told my husband he would have to call back after lunch because he was about to go into overtime.

So we are still without repairs, no re-schedule, no communication and after all this just the promise of a call "sometime after lunch". I am so infuriated that Samsung would allow such a company to provide thier customers with such service. I plan to go to them next. Do you know how hard it is to feed a family without a refrigerator? NOT to mention expensive????? I am just beside myself with anger and frustration because they are speaking out of both sides of the mouth, yet not doing anything. If this is thier emergency service, then I would hate to see thier regular service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ae Factory Service Repair.

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A&E Factory service is all about scamming the consumer. I had a broken refrigerator door and called to get service. I was quoted $129 maximum service and labor charge, to include the $65 service call fee. When the tech arrived, he quoted $180 labor IN ADDITION to the $65 fee, so we declined service. I called back several times over the course of a month to discuss this with managers and billing, etc. This is called a BAIT AND SWITCH, and is illegal.

I offered them two alternatives: 1) to honor the $129 original quote (it's only to replace a door spring and bushing for Pete's sake) or 2) to refund the $65 trip charge since they lied about the quote.

Long story short, after several calls (trust me, the $65 is not worth my time, but I am P-O'd about the whole princple of the thing) and their failure to return calls as promised, they declined to do anything other than keep the money.

I told them I will be writing on the web, contacting consumer advocates, etc. They didn't seem to care.

This is simply the systematic fleecing of the American Consumer by an abusive corporation.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #220740

A+E Factory service is owned by Sears and Kmart, there A+E techs they use them for other store such as Lowes,home depot.Thats one reason they Sears cannot keep up with there own customers.When you need a repair you dont have to accept them,demand another company.Also call Sears and demand they pay your food loss.If they say know , take it to your states Attorney General and file a complaint against A+E Factory service and Sears for a bad diagnose that cost you time and money. Make them resposible for the crappy job they do, they will pay you.

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