I called Maytag as soon as I got the plastic off my new refrigerator to tell them the door label was crooked and there were little scratches... not from the delivery.

For warrantee work and they chose A&E Factory Services to do the work. A&E couldn't get me an appointment for about a week and gives a 4 hour window for me to wait around for them to show up. Mine was 11am to 3pm - I guess since it is lunch time. Smack in the middle of my work day.

So I take 5hours off from work and then A&E repair person didn't show up and didn't call to say they are running late. I called Maytag and found out A&E repair person was over-booked and was not showing up at all. The A&E recorded message called at 8:30pm to tell me to reschedule. I called to complain and they tried giving me the consolation that when they ever get to my house that they will give me their complete attention just like they do for everyone else - but it would be another week from then.

How many days of work do I have to miss for their great care? I also found out that since it was warrantee work that they had to look at the problem first before they could order the part since they didn't keep Maytag refrigerator doors in stock; then they would have to come back out and install it. The loss of pay of two days work is more expensive than buying a new door and installing it myself.

I called Home Depot where I bought the refrigerator and they were great.

They said I should have called them first. Home Depot said they would just order the door, have it delivered to my house, and send a local repair person to take care of it when it gets here.

None of this dragging it out.

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