Needed to replace a drain pump on a Bosch washer. E&E Showed up a week after the pump went bad. Managed to order a new pump that was delivered directly at our home a couple of days later. Then, it took them a full week before they could schedule a come-back to install the new pump on the washer. The day of, they didn't show up and finally called to say that it will be an extra 5 days before they can fix the issue.

This company are complete flakes that cannot make honest commitments to their customers. Their customer service can't care less about your issue and won't try to fulfill their obligations. They just need your money.

Stay away from this company that should be out of business the day a slightly more serious company decides to compete with these buffoons.

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It's not just Sears/K-Mart. I called Kitchen Aid to get a warranty repair and they put me in touch with these clowns. If they ever come back to put in the parts they made me order, that'll be the last time they enter my home.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #200048

Thats what a person gets when they deal with Sears/Kmart. They own A+E Factory repair service.

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