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I called Maytag on my dishwasher. They called A & E Factory Service for me.

They scheduled on Thursday May 5th between 11-5. Nobody showed. I called their office. They said the tech could not make it.

Nobody called me. I was so pissed! She said they could reschedule for Tuesday, May 10. Uhhh, no.

So she offered Saturday, May 7 at 8:00. It's 12:30 now. Is my dishwasher fixed? Uhhh, no!

I called them. The tech couldn't show up. I hung up on them. What a poor excuse for a company.

The people on the phone didn't seem to care. One actually laughed and said so many are complaining!

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Same THING here....James was supposed to be here between 8-12, today....tic toc, I called and called at 230 when I called AGAIN they said he had a FAMILY EMERGENCY, mmmhmmm yeah. Keep in mind this would have been his 3rd trip here over a 16 DAY PERIOD yes no washer for 16 days!!!!

TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL, TECHNICIANS HAVE NO CLUE, dickweed replaced the timer on his first trip, that wasnt it....2nd trip *** around on the phone and came to the conclusion it may be a pressure switch which he wanted to charge 69 bucks for...I found it online for 21, ordered it... he was supposed to show up today to install...we see how that went. I called back the bitchy staff at the 1-800 number who said he could come back wednesday!!!!I said DON'T BOTHER furthermore told her I'm not paying jack, I'm calling visa to file a dispute as soon as I get off the phone with you. Grrrrrr.

My laundry pile looks like Mt. Rushmore. Called a local company and she's sending a guy tomorrow on a Sunday, the service call is only 29.95. Imagine that.

Screw HH Gregg for using this lame company! Shame on them!

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