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On Saturday, May 21 I discovered a leak of our WHIRLPOOL washer/dryer.

I immediately called A&E Factory Service and have been assigned repair service for Tuesday May 24 between 8 and 12 a.m.

The technician (ID 0635813) did mention a broken tube-outer and basket being the reason for the leak. I had to confirm with the landlord if he would agree to repair or replace the machine. We agreed that I would call him as soon as the technician would have found out the cause of the leek. Unfortunately I was not able to reach him any more at the given time because the technician had arrived after the previewed time (arrival at 12.54 A.M., depart at 13.52 p.m.!). I paid the repair fee ($129.-) and remained with the service man that I would call as soon as I know the decision of the landlord to proceed with the repair or replacement, regarding the costs. I got an answer from our landlord the next day in the morning and immediately called A&E Factory Services to order the parts and schedule an appointment to install them. At that point neither the lady at the phone where I confirmed the order of the parts nor the technician did mention the fact, that no parts can be ordered by phone before being paid. When I asked the lady about the arrival date of the parts she just mentioned, that it takes three to five business days. As I was supposed to leave on Monday May 30 and being back only on June 5 we scheduled an appointment for Monday June 6.

When I returned on Sunday May 5 I realized that in the mean while NO parts had arrived. I immediately called A&E to ask about the situation: I leared that NO parts have been ordered but that the appointment for the next day Monday June 6 has been scheduled. This was also the first time that somebody told me, that parts can only be ordered by a techician and have to be paid previously to him.

I had to accept that, although the technician, knowing the situation as well as the lady scheduling a follow up appointment for installing parts should have known and told me that they are not able to order the parts over the phone (although I had all reference numbers)! So a new technician came on Monday June 6 just to order the parts and accepting my payment. He arrived late and besides that, his device did not work, so he had to call his associate. I did ask, given the fact that, because of the two false reactions by the previous technician and the lady at the phone, the repair has been already delayed so long, the parts have to be ordered over night and that we then would schedule an appointment for Thursday June 9. He confirmed that he has done so (due to an other thing I had to assist with I was not in the same room at that moment when he called the office). I did ask though for the phone number he had called ( 1-847-783-6016) and got the service number (#403 97 635) to call back and confirm the order and the payment as I did not get a receipt. The technician had to leave because parking was only scheduled for 15 minutes in front of our building. I then called the number given and the lady confirmed the payment, but when I asked for the over night confirmation she did let me know, that this was not the case. She also did let me know, that the next repair service was NOT scheduled for Thursday June 9 but only for June 13. We did reschedule for Friday June 10. The parts arrived on Thursday June 9.

The serviceman (the same as on June 6, phone number 1-630-747-7308 ) and his helper technician arrived again late at 12. 49 p.m. . When I got his call I immediately went to the managers office to ask about parking in front of the house. He confirmed that the cars can be parked in front of the house if somebody comes down to check after 15 minutes. Also the doorman was advertised to call if there would be any problem during the time of the parking. In addition I had offered our second parking lot in the garage. Both offers have been refused (!) and instead the man was on his phone. I went upstairs and was waiting. After 15 minutes I called but did not getting an answer. The doorman confirmed that the men were still in their cars and in front of the house. At 13.30 p.m. the doorman called me to let me know, that the two cars have left - without letting me know (!!!). I then casked A&F for the number of the supervisor. I called the number 1-888-236-1885 and spoke to David. I explained the situation and after he got his information he said that the guys had left because of the parking situation. I again repeated that the manager did agree with parking in front of the house under this special circumstances and in addition one car could have been parked on our private second parking lot in the building. The man was not willing to understand and to help me with the really very upsetting situation. I then called 1-800-905-9505 and was transferred to John who promised to send somebody the same day and that I would hear back. At 4.50 p.m I learned that they can give me an appointment for Saturday June 11.

I finally had the technicians here now and I learned, that it was just a matter of a hook which was loose and that neither parts would have been necessarily to be ordered and the whole thing could have been very easily repaired on May 24! The basket indeed has two dents probably from a zipper part but this did NOT cause the leak! The slightly damaged basked will be replaced and the tub-outer will be returned with the money back.

I had a same story with a leaking dishwasher some months ago when the technician had ordered a wrong part and at the end I had to replace the machine. The whole process did last more than five weeks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ae Factory Service Repair.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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