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This company should not be able to stay in business with the way the screw over customers! After a 2 1/2 month dispute with these people, including involving my credit card company to dispute the charges A&E billed to me, I have finally given up.

My washing machine was submerged in water after a flood in my basement. I called A&E and they came out a week later. The technician said I needed a new circuit board, but that he didn't have one with him. He charges me $278 on the spot before leaving for the trip out and for the part.

I waited a week to get the part in the mail, BROKEN. Thrown in a cardboard box with no packing materials. I called and waited another week to get another part, and to reschedule my appointment. The tech came out again and after working for 20 minutes, came upstairs to tell me that actually that part didn't fix the problem and that the motor is shot and I need to replace that too or get a new washing machine.

Of course, he didn't have the part and wanted to charge me another $200 to do it! I asked him if it made sense to replace the motor and he said "I can't answer that question, I am not allowed to respond." UM EXCUSE ME? I told him to take the part out and leave.

I CANNOT believe that after 2 months of disputing this I have only been able to get refunded for the part that I did not use.

These a**holes charged me $136 to come out and MISDIAGNOSE the problem. I traveled all over for a months time to do my laundry when all the while I had to buy a new machine all together!!! I understand that when service repair techs come out you get billed a flat fee. But this was for the trip and labor, of which the tech misdiagnosed the problem and then didn't ever do any labor to fix my machine!

I called and opened a dispute with A&E and had 3 different reps tell me they sided with me and would refund me completely. But after weeks of never getting a call back or having anyone do what they said they would do for me, I went to my credit card company. They also got no where with A&E's bank. I am flat out disgusted.

They have wasted my time, energy and money. I will NEVER again do business with these people and neither should you.

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thats why you buy warranties

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