A & E Services is who our warranty is with through Home Depot. Our dryer broke three weeks ago.

We call Home Depot who forwarded us to these goofs. It took a week before they could get a repair tech out. When he got here,he was here for 10 minutes that I could've explained over the phone - THE CONTROL BOARD WASN'T WORKING! But he didn't even have any parts and then said he had to order them; AND we had to wait another week.

So we set an appt up THAT MORNING with him. We got the parts, then got a message from A & E saying we needed to RESCHEDULE OUR SERVICE?!?!? I called A&E and talked to a Ben who was rude, very uncoorperative, and said my service call "expired" and it wouldn't be another week until someone came out! I demanded to talk to a manager and they were in a "meeting".

They dropped the ball and did NOTHING to fix the problem. This is the worst outfit out there and do NOT use them for any repairs.

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I can not believe the frustration 2 companies have provided me with in the last 3 weeks, for just repairing a clothing dryer.A&E and Sear who must take the responsibility hand in hand are the most unreliable, untrustworthy, and rude companies I have dealt with in long time!! I'm 60 years old and have always believed in Sears, all I can assume is that the K-Mart mentality has taken over.

I have purchased many refrigerators, washer, dryers, microwaves, etc over many years.I'm finished. The day before my dryer broke I had just had a $1500.00 refridge delivered to the same home. What a mistake and I still have to pay for it. I'd return it if I didn't have to encure any costs.

They have us over the barrel. I will not purchase another appliance whose repair service is A&E.I could write book on miss diagnosis, and odd ducks coming into your home.


OMG! I am having to deal with these idiots too about my refrigerator right now!

They came out Monday, which took over a week in the first place. And of coarse didn't resolve the problem. So I call today to tell them that it's worse, but of coarse there is no appt. til next week!

Even when I say it's worse and it didn't get fixed. I had to argue with the lady on the phone about getting a sooner date

, but she kept repeating herself about how there is no other apt. available. I asked to talk to her supervisor and he tried to trick me by saying that he would have the service tech call me today.

Which hasn't happened, he just wanted to get me off the phone. Meanwhile I may have food that will go bad.

I wonder if I could transfer my warranty with another company because they suck! They have me stressing out today!

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