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I work as a dispatcher for a service company. We don't sell appliance but we do fix them and have service agreements.

We purchased a washer for a customer with replacement coverage from Sears. 12/2011. Worked fine customer called in February water leaking out of bottom of washer. Called Sear set up appointment.

A&E Service No show no call. Called them again 8-12pm showed up after 1 tentant left for work at 12:30. 3rd appointment no call no show. 4th appointment called me not the tentant and tech hung up before I could call tennant to let him in to gated community and tentant was home wating for them called A&E and they refused to send tech back!

Had to set-up a 5th appointment. 5 Appointments in one month and they still have not looked at the machine!! If I ran my dispatch they way they do. I would be fired!


No help from the people on the phone except to reset appointment. I personally would never use this company for myself much less for my customers!!

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I just had a service guy name Jose come to house to fix my convection/microwave oven. He called me about 15 minutes before he arrived to let me know he was on the way.

When he arrived after stepping inside he immediately put on shoe covers. He asked me what the problem was I explained that the fan was screeching and unable to function. He asked for a soft cloth to put the unit on and then removed it carefully placing it on the cloth. The problem turned out to be a dead bird that had flow into the exhaust vent.

He used a hanger to remove it and then vacuumed any remaining feathers. He then put everything back together cleaned up a small amount of debris and put the unit back on the wall.

I have had to use A&E for other appliances and have had nothing but great experiences. Jose was a great guy and he did a great job

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