A&E SERVICE is the worst service repair company. I pay for a service contract for all my appliances, A&E is who they assign to fix my dishwasher. I call to have my dishwasher repaired last year, first they send someone out to see what the repair problem is, then they reschedule.

The tech that they sent was so bad,the machine had more things wrong after he fixed it than before. It took 5-6 service calls for my machine to be fixed. They finally had to sent a different service tech to complete the job.

One year later the same machine isn`t working, again. I called my service contract provider & requested a repair appointment, specifying that I did not want the same service tech I was sent last year & I gave his name. We made the appointment & the request was noted.

On 5/6/11 the day of appt. which I took the day off from work for, I received a call at 12 noon saying that the service man that I didn`t want was the one in my area today, would I like to reschedule to another day when he isn`t working in my area. Needless to say I rescheduled to 5/10/11.

On 5/10/11 my appt. window was 12-5pm. By 4:45pm the tech still hadn`t come nor called, so I called A&E. They said he was running late, would I like him to call & let me know when he would be arriving? naturally I said YES. At 5:25pm I still hadn`t received a call, so I called A&E AGAIN, telling them that the tech still hadn`t called me, they said that he could be upto 1 hour & 45 mins late, but they would contact him & tell him to call me.

It is now 7:15pm still no tech. I call A&E for the 3rd TIME,wanting to know what was going on,they told me that I was rescheduled for 5/17/11,because the service tech today was the one that I didn`t want. I told them that I took off from work for the 2nd time,waited home from 12-7:15pm,made 3 calls to A&E to now find the without my knowledge, that I had been rescheduled??

I demanded to speak to a supv. or manager. When I was connected to this so called supv. I asked who rescheduled me?? I`ve called A&E 3 times today and I never spoke of being rescheduled. Her reply was well you were automatically scheduled because the service tech you didn`t want was the one in your area today.

By now as you could imagine the top of my head was about ready to blow off. I then asked her what was the purpose of rescheduling from 5/6/11 to 5/10/11. Her reply was... well we never know until the day of service who the service tech will be for any one area, so you will alway`s have this problem unless you take who ever we send you. (I guess she was absent the day they were teaching people skills). I replied, TAKE WHO EVER YOU SEND ME, I WOULDN`T EVEN OF KNOWN I HAD ANOTHER APPOINTMENT, IF I HADN`T OF CALLED BACK!!!

To my fellow consumers do yourself a favor use a local or neighborhood repair service, or any other service repair but DON`T USE A&E SERVICE REPAIR!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $484.

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A&E repaired our dishwasher. Excellent service, smart lady repair person.

Polite phone representatives.

great service! Sorry some people had problems with A&E but we didn't!


My experienc not as bad as yours but I agree these people are terrible. Why can't they show up when they are supposed to with the part.

I blame Maytag in part - they are the ones that sent them and then also take no responsibility.

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