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A&E Service for Maytag recall on dishwasher

Last week I was waiting on A&E service to come out. (6/19/2010)

Time slot given: 8am - 12pm.

Wait until 2:40ish, leave the house finally for family stuff. (yay father's day weekend)

Come back around 8pm to a sign on the same door I left: We were here 2:30, you were not, please reschedule.

I call them right away VERY pissed. The tech lied, he didn't call and I still have this Maytag fire hazard in my kitchen.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience sir, we'll have someone out there first thing next Saturday." (I requested Sat.)

Me: Ok, great, please make sure it's the FIRST stop.

A&E rep: "That's not a problem, they should be there @ 8am or from 8am to 10am."

I call Maytag, Maytag says it shouldn't be a problem either, tell me the official slot is 8-12, but he should be there first with the request.

Its the next w/e now. No tech yet. Its 11:30. He called me at 10:50 to say he'd be here in the next 20 mins.

Maytag tells me that my time slot is between 8-12, deal. A&E tells me: Oh, the "early" slot thing is only a request, we don't honor those. The computer picks for us.

Horrible company, two weekends blown on them...who knows if he'll even show up today.

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