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Regrets:I wish I had checked out the reviews on A&E Repair before calling them. Maytag pointed me in their direction and I assumed that I was getting a good company....

Was I wrong. It has taken over a month, staying home from work 4 days, countless calls, and our dishwasher still isn't fixed.

Blame:To cut to the chase, I blame Maytag. They clearly know how bad this company is (Google: A&E Repair) -- but recommened them to me anyways.

Problem with A&E:The real problem with the company is there is no "local" office to manage their technicians. Twice now they have had to order parts, and when those parts didn't get to my house on time, they called me to cancel the appt. I had to call back and reschdule - at which point, they couldn't book me for another week+.

Any normal company, who cared about their customers - would try to prioritize and work with people - but A&E gives you the same canned response.

They are simply in bed with some of the major applicance manufactures and are making money off of terrible service.

Do not use them.

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Marietta, Georgia, United States #741652

A&E is Sears, I know I quit today, because of thheir complete lack of customer care and lack of logic. :x


I just bought a Maytag refrigerator and the water won't come out. They scheduled an appointment with A&E. The technician was supposed to call before getting here. I missed him because he never bothered to call.

I wasted four phone calls and an hour on hold only to be told the manager couldn't talk to me but could they call me back. Apparently, all the managers were too busy talking to people in their "escalation" department. I can only assume that is people who are extremely pissed off. Obviously, the company has an overwhelming amount of pissed off people.

I hope they go out of business.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #353577

i called the maytag service repair for my washer which was spinning noisily. an a and e repairman came, took the front off, put his hand on the drum, said it needed a complete overhaul to the tune of 720 dollars! took forever to enter all his whatever into his little computer thing in the truck, asked me for 130 dollars for the house call, and i cant figure out how he knew my machine needed 7 new parts including a transmission and bearing seals when he took nothing inside there apart and the machine runs, but noisily!


this company is a total joke,,,called them about my kitchenaide refrigerator not cooling,,they stated it was the compressor,,ordered it and fed ex to house...scheduled appointment and did not show, called and they stated could not find house...they went to wrong address and then left..called again for appt. never showed. finally had enough got local repair and found out it was not the compressor,,,the fridge needed a cleaning of the coils and works fine..a & e is the worst repair company & just like sears,, no service, no knowledge of products..been a sears customer since 1966..will not shop at sears again...


We purchased our Maytag washer and had it installed in our NEW house in feb. It leaked and caused floor damage.

A&E tech came out and it was a bad part, said they would have to order a value. A week to get a value, really!!! They WORST WORST customer service out there. RUDE!!

We asked for a call ahead and you would have thought we asked for a million dollars. Hello we have jobs too. 4 hour time slots, no call aheads. First they said it would be a week until they could fix it.

Then the tech left when we told the dispatch we were almost at the house. Now onto week 2 without a washer, and I have a baby, yeah not good. So again we are still waiting took another day off work to fix something that was not my fault. A&E is beyond the worst and reviews look to say the same.

This reflex poorly on Maytag. I am in customer service and I know the world does not revolve around you, you help customers not have attitude and no wiling to work with people.

to ginger Marietta, Georgia, United States #741656

first I must say Maytag has been out of business since 2006 you're buying a whirlpool with a Maytag logo they bought Maytag they cheapened everything up. A&E is a combination of Whirlpool and Sears owned by Sears.

The technicians me being one until yesterday don't have control over rescheduling or the date its all done by computer which I agree is ridiculous especially with the dates again 2 weeks 1 week no less than one week and the parts can be at your house within 3 days the whole scheduling department is responsible for 99 percent of the hold ups with Sears.

The technicians try to get everything done but are over scheduled and underfunded with parts I have quit with this company because I couldn't handle the headache I've been with them for many years and decided my life is more valuable then the stress that they're giving me. Maytag the real Maytag had nothing to do with it.


This company cannot keep appointment and then spam my cellphone every day for 15 days (as of today). When I called them to ask them to stop calling me, I couldn't get anyone to talk to me.

I scheduled a service with this company to fix our Whirlpool washer. The appointment was set for a Friday from 1 - 5 pm. Having a toddler at home who constantly wants to go out, I called them on that Friday morning trying to get a more precise time frame when the the technician can come. The lady I spoke to said she didn't know but she can ask the scheduling center to call me. I didn't get any call from them until after 1 pm when they called and left a voicemail that they won't come. They asked me to call back to reschedule. I called back but couldn't get to speak with anyone. I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with another company and had my washer fixed two days later.

But here comes the worst - A&E Factory Service started calling my cellphone every day for 15 days (as of today). If I pick up the phone it's an auto message asking me to call them back. If I call back, I'm put on hold forever. If I don't pick up the phone, they leave me an auto voicemail, which has filled up my voicemail box now.

This is definitely the most horrible service ever. Stay away from A&E Factory Service if you want to maintain your sanity.


A&E is the worst repair company I have ever had to deal with, you cannot get anyone to take responsibility for doing warrenty work in a timely matter. It is almost as if they want you to give up trying.

I have had the repairmen out to my home at least 5 times to fix my washing machine, which by the way they have made work worse than when I originally called them. They have sent out people who do not even know how to fix the machine, and throw up their hands saying that they are sorry. My time is valuable, I have spent time at home, given up my days to have them call and say they are on their way. they have called 15 minutes before arrival at 4:55pm when I have waited all day for them, and I have to leave to take the children to their lessons.

How sad that we have no resourse, they just don't care. I guess if you pay for the warrenty they will send a tech out over and over again and send parts, but they don't care if anything is solved.

Bad customer relations and bad service. How sad.

Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation #218441

A&E is a terrible service company. Our KitchenAid refrigerator broke down and my wife called A&E to get a price estimate to fix.

Their service/sales rep said it would be $129 flat labor fee plus parts. When the technician came this morning, he found the problem and said it would be $250 labor + parts ($88). My wife again called the service company and again a service/sales rep repeated the same quote... $129 flat labor fee plus parts.

My wife then told the sales rep that we had the technician here in our house quoting the $250 labor fee.... The sales rep says hold on and a few minutes later comes back and says something to the effect of "oh yeah, i'm sorry, it's really $250". This seems like a scam to me... We called TWICE and were quoted labor rates almost 1/2 of what actual rates are.

We had to get our refrigerator fixed so we ended up paying the full amount. The technician felt bad and he admitted that he gets at least 1-2 customers a week who complain that they were quoted drastically different rates.

My wife then asked to speak to a manager who basically told us that he could NOT do anything about it.... what a bunch of Bull S**t.

His response was that they needed to do a better job of training their service reps. Can you believe that???

What about doing a better of job of taking care of your customers? I would recommend/suggest that you get a written quote emailed/faxed from A&E before letting them come service your appliances.


Dear Cprice542,

My name is Scott and I'm with the A&E Solutions team. I found your post here and wanted to reach out to you. I'm so sorry for your unpleasant and disappointing experience with A&E Service. We'd like to help. At your convenience please contact our office at so we can further discuss your concerns. In the email please provide us with a contact number and the phone number the appliance is listed under and we will contact you directly. In addition please include your screen name (Cprice542) in your email so we can reference to your posting.

Thank you,

Scott J.

A&E Cares

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #202133

A+E Factory service is owned and operated by Sears/Kmart Holding corporation. Whirpool pool who owns ands sells Maytag products use A+E Factory service through Sears on a lot of there productS, thats why they recommended them.You have a choice, demand another service besides A+E .


I'm sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced with getting service for your dishwasher! Please send me an email through our customer service address, and type 'Attention: Audrey’ in the subject line. Please include your full name, phone number, and model/serial number, and I would be happy to try to help resolve the situation with your appliance.

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