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DON’T call A&E or Any Repair Group!!! Had a problem with our refrigerator. Made an appointment online with A&E/Sears. Understood the $105 trip charge if I didn't want to make the repair after diagnosed or that it would be applied to the quoted service charge. That all sounds proper until what's really going on is on the *** of being a well thought out pricing scam. At the time you make the appointment, you provide the make and model number of...
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Had a repairman here for my fridge. Gave me a repair quote of $580.72 for the job. $256.73 for labor and $324.99 for part. I told him no, paid $80 for the service call, which turns out I paid to be ripped off. I ordered the part myself from Sears Parts Direct for $221.00. and put it in myself. Took me all of 35 minutes. Turns out they charged me 30% more for the same part I bought directly from them. now as for the labor 35 minutes for me at...
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I have a brand new GE profile, counter-depth, french-door refrigerator. I bought the suite of appliances to get slate color. The refrigerator quit cooling. The fan motor malfunctioned and software is programmed wrong. This is a known problem with these models but GE will not do a recall or warn anyone. Instead, they send A&E. The first time, I missed a whole day of work and the tech never showed up. The second time, he came at 4:50 but did not...
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I didn't like
  • Appointment was not honored
I had the service from Sears to repair my refrigerator and the man was saying it's not the ice machine it's the freezer but the ice machine wasn't even working the man was a dummy and he told me I would have to pay for the repair I have told him I was covered still so he had to call the company which took him 30 to talk to the person but the fun part was I show the dummy the bill of sale all A E has working for them are all dummies no wonder...
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Anonymous Your geezer must be at least 25 degrees for your ice maker to work bet you had it overloaded dummy