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Update by user Apr 19, 2011

Update 2. Well, FINALLY my icemaker is fixed.

No thanks to A&E.

After 5 days off from work because of missed appts. and shotty workmanship by A&E, I asked Maytag for a different repair service. They set me up for service last night with Golas appliance service. They were here today at 12:30pm as they said they\'d be.

Only took him 15 minutes to fix the problem and the repair man was extremely nice, unlike A&E. Kudo\'s to GOLAS Appliance Service!

Update by user Apr 18, 2011

Update: Another canceled appt. by A&E. Today they were suppose to come out and put the auger motor in. At 4:10pm, I hadn\'t heard anything, so I called to check on the status of my appt. I was informed that there were NO service men in my area today. WHAT?

And they couldn\'t call to let me know. Of course she claimed they did and that there was no answering machine.

1. I was home all day.

2. No call logs reflecting that they called.

3. They have 4 phone #\'s they could of reached me at.

So to boil it down. 4 days lost from work. Two of which they never showed. One of which they came out and fixed the original problem and caused another and the other to tell me they had to order the part.

After sitting on hold for an hour this evening with Maytag, they made me an appt. with a DIFFERENT company. Hopefully they will show tomorrow. This will be FIVE days of lost work!

FRUSTRATION, does not even cover what I\'m feeling.

Original review posted by user Apr 11, 2011

"The company offers its services seven days a week starting from 6 a.m. to midnight to fit busy schedules of customers"


You try to get an appointment that they keep, let alone one for them to fix a mistakes their tech made.

Simple problem with my Maytag fridge(5 mos old).Ice maker would not produce ice. First appt was a no show by A&E. Second appt, the tech came out and I knew immediately there was gonna be a problem, when he walked to the kitchen and said to himself (out loud) "Now to focus". 2hrs after he left I tried to get ice. It was finally producing ice, But NOW the auger thingy is not turning so the ice won't dispense, (that worked fine prior). After several calls to A&E early the same day they insured me the tech would call back. NOTHING!

Next day, another call to Maytag, not much help there, although they were very kind. Still she was unable to set an appt with A&E for after 3pm or weekend. She had me on hold for several minutes and claimed she went rounds with A&E, But they still wouldn't give me an appt for after 3pm or a weekend. They don't work weekends and can only give a 4hr window, EVEN when they screw up a job. Tomorrow is another day off from work to fix their FU. I'll let you know if they show. This fridge has cost me more in days off, then it's worth. If you can avoid them. DO!!


Monetary Loss: $1850.

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Thanks Kyle, But, I do not blame Maytag. This should of been an easy fix.

A&E are the problem. They don't keep appointments and have no consideration for us working ppl.

To UPDATE. They did keep this last appt for Monday.

They sent the same tech who assured me that it was a coincidence that the auger motor is no longer working after he worked on it. So now I will have to take another day off from work to have it fixed. This will be my 4th day off (without pay).

I love the fridge, but it has cost me more money in days off, then I paid for it. I just hope A&E doesn't cancel this next appt.


Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Maytag. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your Maytag refrigerator.

If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook (Maytag) or Twitter (MaytagCare). Or contact us directly via e-mail

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