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Ae Factory Service - Totally Unacceptable service 2 of 2 people found it helpful
I have an extended service contract with Home Depot for my Maytag washer. I called them about scheduling a service repair appt. to fix a problem with the soap dispenser not working correctly. They gave me an appt. and I told them they need to contact me the day of to let me know an approximate time when they will be there for the appt. That never happened and they service person just showed up. My 85 yr. old husband who has dementia was...
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Up to this point, I have relied on Lowes 100%...never a bit of trouble; that is until I had to use their warranty service provider, a&e factory service.I bought a washer/dryer and the 3 year protection plan. The washer had a problem and a tech was sent out in a reasonable time period. All he did was twist the selection dial and made it work. The same thing happened again. I twisted the dial and it didn't fix. You would think they would check the...
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I didn't like
  • Poor communication
  • Shortage of service personnel
I had them come out to repair my washer on 3/25/16.He said they would send the part to my house. Well I got it on 3/30/16. They scheduled to come back on 4/5/16. I looked up to see what the problem was with my washer. Its a common problem,why wouldnt you stock this part.Now they call me this morning and said tech was sick. Now they want to reschedule for tomorrow. Which I have Dr Appointments .So I don't know when they are coming back .What a...
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