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A&E notes

While I have my service contract through Sears it is A&E that gets sent out. The following is about A&E Service.

Notes about Sears visit for washer (2/6/14) around noon.

The tech listened to the washer for a bit and then asked for a few wet towels. Put the towels in. A few times the machine made the clacking sound. He heard it. I pointed it out to him when the machine would make the noise. Heard the noise.

He repositioned the machine and tried on a medium setting. Did not hear noise while it was spinning.

He went on to say that it is normal for these machines to make noise as they spin down. I informed him that we have had the machines since 2005 and never heard this sound. He said if it was a bearing it would make an incredible racket (we used to hear that, but it went away).

He mentioned that if it was bearings it would be a major overhaul and it would be in my garage. Just before he left he said to make sure I keep the policy up to date. He also kept saying that the machines were very sensitive to being level. He indicated that a 1/16 of an inch would be enough to make this noise.


After he left I put the machine back into position and started a load of whites. I had not put the freezer back into position (small chest freezer to the left of the stacked washer and dryer). I could hear the clack even while washing, but it lasted a second at best. I have the recorder set to record the entire wash cycle.

2/13/14 – A senior tech was sent out to re-diagnose the washing machine. This service tech agreed that it was a bad rear bearing and placed an order for new parts.


Outer Tub was damaged. Had a new one sent from Westoaks Mall.

The two techs started working on washer. I had asked that the original service Tec not be sent to my home. A&E apparently does not care what I want. He was back at my door once again. He and his helper started to work on the machine. The FIRST question he had for me was did I stack the washer and dryer. I told him no, Sears did that when they installed the washer and dryer. He then asked me how you get them apart. Really? He is the service tech and he does not know how to even separate the two. They finally figured that out (after I told them where the screws were) and started to work on the washer. The dryer was in the way so they unhooked the gas line and shoved the dryer into the hall.

Thinking they may want to work on the washer outside (it was cold outside) I offered to let them use a 4 wheel dolly. They refused my offer and proceeded to tear the washer apart in the laundry room.

I had to turn heat off because they would not close the door to the garage (attached garage). There was water and dirt all over the floor. The tech asked me for towels to clean up the water. I gave them some blue rags. Your tech said it will not be enough as there is a lot of water on the floor and did I have some beach towels. I told him NO. I am not destroying good towels cleaning up a floor that is now covered in water, dirt and cat litter (he had taken a cat litter bag from the garage for some reason and tore it).

After finally getting the outer housing and drum assembly out they moved into the garage. The shell of the washer was left in the laundry room with the door to the house left open.

They moved into the garage to work on the gray plastic housing. They were starting to work right next to one of my motorcycles. I strongly suggested that they move away from the bike and work to the housing. They moved about 3 feet away.

Your tech informed me that the bolt that holds the pulley on is frozen. They will have to emergency order a part. Washer will sit in pieces until that part comes in.

1015 - Trying to get part locally

Around 10:30 I closed the garage door since the house was starting to get very cold from them leaving the door open. He opened the door around 10:45. The door stayed open until he left.

11:07 a third truck has arrived. Just prior to this I heard the one tech telling the other that the part we received is the wrong part. Either it is a wrong part or the tech is a total *** and does not know what he is doing. I heard hammering which I can only assume was him trying to force parts together

Between 11:45 and noon I called 1-800-573-8431 and left a message to get these people out of my house. A few minutes later it was a moot point as your tech came into my kitchen and told me he was going to replace the washer. The parts he was sent were substitute parts and did not fit.

He quickly left. I walked out of the kitchen. What he had left me was the door between the house and garage open, the washer shell still in the laundry room, dirt and water all over the floor, the dryer still out in the hall.

I had to move the washer shell into the garage. Walking back into the house is when I noticed that the gas line was still open.

At 1215 I called sears to tell them I needed the gas line plugged. The girl put me on hold for a few minutes. When she came back I was told that the service manager said we (sears/ A&E) never touched the gas line. Now I became angry. I informed the woman that the washer and dryer is a stacked unit. It is IMPOSSIBLE to take apart the washer without first removing the GAS dryer. I then said I will cap the gas line and if the house blows up then Sears can deal with a wrongful death suit.

I went to Home Depot to get various fittings, gas tape and a Crescent wrench after first shutting off the gas and electric to the house.

Around 1330 restored power and gas to the house.

1540 I was finally done cleaning laundry area.

3/4/2014 around 1345

Called A&E 1800 – 905 9505. Talked to someone from Puerto Rico I think. Hard to understand him. It took him some time to understand what my complaint was. At first he thought my complaint was that they showed up in A&E trucks. Another ***!. He took down my information. I also suggested that the tech be fired. The id of the tech is 0012260

I asked where does this go from here? He said it goes to the escalation department. I asked when will I hear back from someone. I was told ‘we do not have to tell you anything’ they will not tell me if the tech was fired or not. I told him again that I did not care if I hear back what happened to the tech, but that I wanted to hear back from a supervisor that something is being done. He said he put my phone number into the complaint and requested that someone contact me. I doubt that will ever happen. A&E is useless. If you ever have the chance to use someone else do so!

Now I will be getting ready to get all of my money back for the time I had to spend going to washaterias, mileage, cost of 1 wrench, fittings, mileage to and from Home Depot and the inconvenience to me for having to do without a washer.

For anyone interested I also have pictures proving everything that I have written. If anyone is interested in starting up a website let me know. I can add a section to my current one that deals with A&E.


Monetary Loss: $50.

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I have a comment. I know of Sears and A&E.

My apology for the problem you have been trough. They company has changed.Make a long story short I have been with them for 13 years and it's changed. It's now no longer family oriented. It's all about sales.

Even with doctors notes you will get written up. If not meeting sales written up or terminated. So said how they do this. Long hrs bad insurance bad management.

I do as much as u can for my customers and Lord for bid us for not saying members cause they will blow a gasket for that one. We do work long hrs sometime now 6 days and no raise in years.

The tech is always at fault in management eyes not the company. I really do hate if for you but ask for the consumer complaint office it might help.


I think the real problem, like in most situations, starts at the top... with the company's management.

I am starting a serious media blitz against Sears and A&E Appliance Services for the total lack of customer service afforded to those of us who can no longer use our appliances that we paid thousands of dollars for. NEVER AGAIN...

to Anonymous #1331764

Can not speak to a manager or supv at sears home warranty. I

to Anonymous #1417871

I’m going through the same issues. I have never seen such poor customer service and lack of empathy


We're experiencing the same issue. See what my husband posted on Facebook today after spending 2 hours on the phone with Sears: We purchased thousands of dollars worth of appliances from Sears but now WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN THEIR STORE AGAIN!!

Here is the worst customer service story ever....Our LG Washer went out and we have a service contract. Of course, they don't have a sufficient number of technicians to provide service when people actually need it, on nights or weekends. After waiting for the technician to come for over a week, he arrives and says he has to order the part. To be brief, I took off work another half a day, they came and repaired it, and then it broke again that same week.

Again, we called in the code, waited another 2 weeks--still no nights or weekend service--and this time after taking off from work and waiting for service the technician calls and asks for the code and says there is no need for him to come as he has to order parts based on the code. He couldn't have told us that 2 weeks ago???He said that the call center doesn't know anything and even though we told them the code, it didn't matter. This has been a 2 month process of HORRENDOUS service. The machine is still not fixed.




I am sorry that you had such serious problems from your A&E Tech but I do know for a fact that not all of the techs are ignorant in their job title. You see some people think that all techs work on every different kind of appliance known to man.

This is not true.

Some only work on washer/dryers...some on lawn mowers and like my boyfriend that can work on any appliances out there is just able to work on refrigerators,hot water heaters and a.c's.I'm so sorry but it sounds like you did get ahold of a ignorant one but its so unfair to judge all techs by one bad one.thank you... Ck

Chicago, Illinois, United States #966689

Just for the heck of it, I was browsing the various kinds of complaints at this site when this one caught my eye. Wasn't it "A&E Factory Service" that I had a run-in with?

Checked my notes, sure enough. Same outfit.

The were the service outfit for the mfgr of my refridge, so I called them. You expect a reputable company to use a reputable service firm. The guy came out, took one look at the refridge door and said it all it needed was a little washer so that the door would hang a little higher (which would keep moist air from getting in and condensing, which was the problem).

The charge: $180. Cost of the washer, come to zero. Cost of the labor for lifting up the door, putting the washer onto the spindle and letting the door down: $180.

When I protested the ridiculous price, they guy couldn't have cared less.

Compare that to a more recent appliance repair by a different company—an outfit that charges $50 to show up, and a modest rate for repairing. It was a kitchen range this time.

These TWO guys had to extract the built-in from the cabinetry, took it all apart, spent about 45 minutes with testing equipment trying in vain to figure out what the problem was. (They concluded it must be in a certain part of the circuitry, which would mean buying an expensive part.) Since the only problem was that the convection fan wouldn't run, we all agreed it best to just leave it alone; didn't need the convection feature. The total charge for all of this: ZERO. Not even the $50!

I tipped them anyway. A&E Factory Service should take some pointers from this company. I will NEVER use them again. And what's funny is that I own 11 rental units and told them I was looking for a new dependable service man because the one I'd used for decades had retired.

A&E chose to trade a lucrative long-term relationship for a one-time ripoff. They'll never get another call form me.


My A&E team comes out regularly as needed from Lubbock, Tx. They are clean, knowledgeable, professional, and always know on time.

I would never use anyone else; however, I will never buy another Kenmore washer and dryer.

A & E is highly respected in this area as class act repairmen. Never had a problem AT ALL!

Pryor Creek, Oklahoma, United States #798943

Going thru exact same problem with Samsung refrigerator bought from Lowes with 5 year extended warranty. 3rd time scheduled with 9 hour window (8-5) and problem not fixed.

A&E people are the rudest and most unprofessional people I've ever worked with. Lowes will not help either!!

San Francisco, California, United States #797222

as a former employee of A&E you should know that Sears and A&E are both sears, only difference is A&E can do 3rd party work, Sears repair only services appliances sold at Sears. Most Technicians are underpaid, overbooked, and under trained.

Technician retention is a huge problem. The technicians are always under the pressure of selling *** most customers dont even want i.e. extended warranties, overpriced cleaning supplies, etc. We had so many performance metrics that there was not way to make the upper management happy.

It was the worst place that I have ever worked in my life.

Dont feel like its only you. This **** happens daily...

AE Service

Dear AngryInHouston2014,

My name is Isaac and I am a member of the A&E Solutions team. I am reaching out to you today because of this experience you had with our A&E service provider.

After reading your post I can see why you would never want to work with A&E again and we feel the need to correct this error. At this time we would like to put you in direct contact with a case manager that will speak with you further about this experience. When time permits, please contact our office at AEservice@aefactoryservice.com so we can further discuss your concerns. In the email please provide us with a contact number and the phone number the item is listed under and we will contact you directly.

In addition please include the following screen name I assigned (AngryInHouston2014 ) in your email for reference to your issue.

Once again, we apologize for what you have experienced thus far and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Isaac D.

A&E Solutions Team

to AE Service #800626

So much for the care team. I did as they asked and have not heard a thing from them.


Dalton, Georgia, United States #792578

I agree...A & E Service are the absolutely the worst people in the world to deal with!!! They came to my house four times to repair my dryer and it still don't work properly.

IF you actually can speak to someone on the phone they are rude, unresponsive and don't even have an idea what customer service is let alone how to repair and appliance!! NEVER again will I use them or buy an appliance from somewhere who does! My A&E service was out of Chattanooga TN.

By the way A & E is really what used be Sears repairs and just changed there name because of so many complaints about Sears Service!!!! Different name same poor service!


I guess you left them asking the same question we are - what do you want?

to MikeBrady #791390

read toward the end of the post. I did state what I wanted. Along with that the company should really look into not using this person again but that is not up to me.

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