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I was scheduled for a service call from noon-5 pm on May 25. At 3:30 I rec'd a phone call informing me the tech was delayed and behind schedule, that he would call me when he finished his current repair.

At 5:15 I call the 800 # inquiring how much longer. I was told about 20 minutes. At 5:47 I call back and again told it will be about 20 mins. At 6:15 I call again and I am put on hold for several minutes.

When the operator returns she tells me the technician was at my house at 5:41. I went from mad to irrate at this blantant show of unprofessionalism. First of all when I called at 5:47 I was told the tech was 20 mins away. And I was working in my front yard trimming bushes and no tech was at my house any time from noon to talking with the rep at 6:15.

I mean really why would one give up 5 hrs of their day to not be home? I hate mixed feelings as to what happened however since it is VERY obvious a lie or two was being told I was livid needless to say.

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They did that to me too. Blantent lie that hey had been here and knocked and no one answered.

I have a driveway alarm. It never went off and I was on the first floor waitin for them all morning as it had been several weeks since my washing machine broke down. The following day, when I called to verify the appointment was going to really happen, they said the tech was at my house right now. Ha!

I said I am at my house! There is no tech here. The girl on the phone with the heavy accent asked me if the van was in my driveway. I said I am IN my driveway.

No van. After two days of lies and more lies about how they would be calling me back (never called me back either day) I cancelled them and Was able to schedule with a real repair guy who is local and has been in business for 30 years and is authorized to service my machine under warrantee. 5 days from now is my appointment. No washing machine for a month.

Horrible. Good luck to you. I'd find someone else.

A&E will come out and next they'll order parts and have them mailed to you and you'll be waiting for them to show up all over again. Maybe more than once.

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