I am really disappointed with the the service provide by A & E factory services. My dishwasher was not working few days back and someone from A& E came to fix it . They were very prompt in sending somebody to fix it as obviously they will have to replace some part of it and they can extract a few hundred dollars from us . Anyways , the technician did come nd fixed the DW and it started running and I paid him $260 but in the night when I am trying to turn it on lo! My DW is not working. I call the customer service and they told me that the technician can come only after 5 days . With 2 little kids and family friend visiting us I ended up washing lot and lot of dishes..... So the bottom line is that I am NEVER going to use their service again and I would not suggest anybody to do the same . They are highly unprofessional and they are prompt only when they have to squeeze money from your pocket but they won't come to help you when you need repair on the part they provided for your equipment as you won't be paying anything then as it is under warranty.

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I am surprised that you responded that you wanted to resolve the matter. I have made frequent requests

on numerous occasions whether on the phone or your website to have someone contact me concerning service issues.

I have even requested to not have a certain tech come back which I was told noted in the system. He has since showed up 2 more times once after being told a senior tech would come to resolve the problem. I sit here 6 months later with both my dryer and washer not fixed. I have on all the survey's voiced my concern and have not received a response yet.

This weekend I will buy a new washer and dryer so I can finally get my clothes done. My washer and dryer were less than 6 years old with minimum usage.

I wish I had 8researched this company prior to buying the contract. I would not recommend them to anyone and hope you really take my advice and not enter in a contract with them.


I had the same problem with my washer, only I have had nine appointments (two appointments, they never showed up and did not call) trying to get the problem solved. The technician I had for six of the visits could not fix my washer.

I have wasted hours of my personal time waiting for A & E to show up to fix my appliance. I am amazed they are still in business!

AE Service

Dear Anonymous359047,

My name is Jay and I am part of the A&E Solutions team. I came across your post and I wanted to reach out and offer our assistance in getting this unfortunate situation resolved. We are very sorry to learn of the trouble you encountered with the service repair you had for your dishwasher. We understand that mistakes do happen from time to time, but the level of customer service you received after the service appointment is unacceptable. We would love the chance to discuss this matter in more detail with you, and see what options we have to help resolve this situation.

Thank you,

Jay C .

A&E Solutions Team

A&E Cares

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