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They don't provide enough room for me to explain all of what happened to us - just understand that they do NOT deliver what they promise, they don' really repair anything and they just want to jack you up for a $75.00 charge for standing in front of your appliance, scratching their head and saying, "we don't work on GE appliances" Really? Why did GE send me to you then???

I called A&E customer service. The first rep I couldn't understand her accent was too strong. She said, "then just hang up and call back" and she hung up on me. The second rep I talked to blamed the problem on GE and ME!

Said that it was MY fault! I reminded him that I was the customer and then he said "hold on!!" and the next thing I knew I was talking with GE again. The repair guy never did anything except say that he couldn't work on our appliances.

I sent him home without paying him! This company is a fraud.

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