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bad customer service, bad technicians who dont know how to fix a washer. First call 12/23 - been out twice - once to figure out what was wrong - 2 weeks later after all parts came in showed up and had not scheudled the appt correct was a two man job and only one showed up.

Tried to make we wait another week but finally sent someone from the office to help. Had to wait 24 hours before using washer. Washer now bangs on the glass lid when it spins, called them back to fix and they made me wait several days for the appt then they cancelled my appt without telling me and I waited all day for them to show up. They never have a tech in the area, they do not make a repeat customer after just being fixed a priority.

Terrible company - should not be used by an service providers of extended warrentys either. Find another appliance repair company!

Review about: Ae Factory Service Repair.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #236245

I was with Sears as one of there A+E technicians for 3 months.In the 3 months I found out from talking to other techs they have very little training if any at all. They send you out a dvd about products and that is your training.That one reason Sears and A+E technicians are running behind and customers have to be cancelled or rerouted to other days because there going back on so many products they did not fix the first time and in some cases 4 and 5 times.This will never stop till the customers put there foot down and demand montary compensation for time lost waiting for techs that dont come out and poor service.I over heard my Sears manager talking to another supervisor about a customer who refused let another Sears tech in his home, so he told the manager to send out one of the A holes and Earlobe techs out, meaning A+E techs. This did not sit well with me.I told him were he could stick his job and went to work for a local appliance service.Best thing I ever did.They have regular factory trainers come out and give you training.Sears is a very large company but they still operate in the past like a third world country.That will be there down fall.

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