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A&E gave me a window of time that a technician would be arriving for a repair- 8am to 12pm. We waited.

12:30 rolls around with no technician in sight, so we call A&E. They say the technician will call us shortly with an arrival time. We wait another hour. Call A&E again.

This time they tell us the technician just clocked out for lunch, and will be there is "about an hour". At this point, I am firm in pointing out to the customer service rep that we are NOT happy, that we were told the tech would be there BEFORE noon and it is now almost 2pm. They are all sugary sweet (you know that fake sweetness that makes your blood boil - A&E service techs are just bathed in it) and apologetic on the phone. I then ask if it is possible to reschedule - ONLY if I can have a definite time of arrival.

They say that the only thing they can give is a window of time. Ok, fine.I tell them to keep us on the route and we'll just keep on waiting - like we've got nothing better to do. When the guy still doesnt show, I call back only to be told they rescheduled me for two days later - per MY REQUEST! At this point I'm irate - I never asked them to switch my service date.

I waited for 6 HOURS for absolutely nothing!

Long story short - this company is awful, and after the other reviews I have read, they have the worst customer service and they have zero reliability. You'd be better off with any other service company, so not waste your time or money on A&E - you'll be lucky if they even show up.

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