They were supposed to be at my house between 1-5 to fix my washer. When it was close to 5 I called to see if anyone was coming and I was told that I was next on the list and then he was on his way soon.

I kept calling over the next few hours and told he was on his way and he never showed. No phone call, nothing. Very unprofessional and inconsiderate.

The customer service line basically said there was nothing they could do. Will never use them again or Maytag or Whirlpool, whoever they are now, for that matter.

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I had A&E scheduled between 8-12 last Thursday (10/20/11). They called me at about 10:30 and said the repairman was running long on a job and would be at my house between 12:00 and 12:30.

Not happy with that but at least they called. I waited at home until 1:00 and heard nothing. I called customer service and was told he would be there around 2:00. I told the customer service woman that for every hour he was late past 12:30, I would deduct $50 off of the bill.

She said they don't do that, of course but I told her it wasn't her choice. Meanwhile, as we are talking the repair guy shows up!. He at least was nice about the whole thing . He told me our problem was due to a bad control board which, of course he did not have with him.

So I needed to order one and have them return to install it, which would mean another $129 service call charge in addition to the part. So, in total, it would cost me about $400 to fix an 18 month old Maytag washer which cost about $550 new. Instead, he was nice enough to say he could pretend he was never there and leave it to me to find the part and install it myself. That is what I did.

Of course (couldn't you guess?)the part was not the problem and we wasted $150 buying it.

the repairman turned out to be clueless so, he just guessed. REALLY, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!


A&E sucks!!!! Washer started to have issues so we stopped using it around 9/18.

Tech came out on 9/23 ordered parts and rescheduled to come out and do the repair of 9/30 between 8-12. Spoke to rep on 9/30 at 8:50 am. she confirmed the appt and also confirmed that the parts were her. They were.

So i waited.....1:45pm I call and they say there is no tech in your area. But I had an appt for over a week and it was confirmed this morning???? Now they have to reschedule..there first available is 10/7. WTF i have 5 people in my family and two have been sick.

why do I get punted to the back of the line. they didnt show up shouldnt I be next in line for service??? I didnt wat to reschedule I sat here all day waiting. shouldn't they be her tomorrow or monday???

I have two huge boxes in my living room and I have laundry out the ying yang since I stopped using the washer on the 18th. I sent some laundry out but it is too expensive and I dont have time for the laundry mat. How can they get away with that ***? I should be immediately sent a repairman for service the next day.

Not to be rude to the others who are scheduled but why do I get an appt made as if I am scheduling a new appt? They are ***. Maytag was no help the all act like there hands are tied and they have no control over the issue. I guess when they show the Maytag repairman on tv doing nothing (old commercial) it is true.

I think he should have had his hand up his *** just to make it more realistic!!!

Never again with Maytag!!! and I will make sure if I ever have repairs done again...not by A&E!!!


I feel for you. We were scheduled for Tuesday, 9/27 with A&E Factory Service.

I received a call Monday night confirming the appointment on Tuesday. At 4PM Tuesday night, I called A&E and was told that they were on their way. When I called at 5:30PM they said that they were sorry but we had fallen off their list. The person called another person and said that they could fix it this Friday, 9/30.

Then yesterday, I received a phone call from them telling me that i'm not on the list again. It is sooooooo frustrating.

Now they want me to choose another date. I'm concerned that they won't show up again.

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