On Sept. 5, 2013, I was leaving my home to go to the store. I heard my neighbor begging and pleading in loud voice, as I couldn't see what was happening, I walked across my yard in case he needed help. This is when I saw him knocking on the drivers side window of an A&E Repair Services vehicle, begging the driver to stop. I approached the rolled up drivers window myself and attempted to speak to the driver to find out why my neighbor was so upset, he refused to talk to me which only made my neighbor more upset. This whole time he was on his cell phone. This detail will be important later.

At this time, I took my neighbor by the arm and we stepped behind the van so I could attempt to calm him down. The next thing I know the van is in reverse and in order to avoid being run over, I had to jump to the side. I ran up to the drivers window and told him I was calling the police and headed back across the yard to my home to retrieve my cordless phone. My neighbor at the same time went to his home to get his cordless phone. The driver of the van could have left during this time, but apparently he elected to wait for the police. At no time did we physically block him in, he stayed of his own free will.

After I called the police, I went to the end of the driveway to wait for them as they were responding to my address and this happened the next driveway up. My neighbor was standing in his driveway above the van and I was standing in the road. Approximately 3 minutes before the police arrived, my neighbors wife arrived home and pulled into the driveway, her access to their home blocked by the van, she had a child in the vehicle which required a diaper change, so her vehicle was left between the van and the street while she took care of the child. This was the only time his van was blocked however he has already chosen to remain and wait for the police.

A county Sheriff arrived and I spoke with him, telling him how the van driver almost struck me. Once I gave my side, my neighbor explained to him his side of the story which the officer then followed up by getting the repair drivers story. The van driver lied and told the police we had blocked him in and were holding him captive even though he had elected to stay and was only blocked in because he himself was blocking access to the home. After further conversation, the police officer requested that the repairman put in for another repairman to show up and complete the repair order.

The officer stood there while this repairman supposedly put this order in place. The repairman also lied to the officer and said he didn't have cell service as the officer wanted him to call his supervisor at the same time to expidite the resolution. I was informed I could swear out a warrant with the local Magistrate for attempted vehicular assault. I was still so shook up and upset I completely forgot to request the drivers information for this followup.

After the officer left, we then called A&E in order to try and find out what needed to be done in order to get a repairman there. No success. Once I returned home, I then looked up Sears Corporate number and spent close to an hour dealing with them, actually the lady was very nice until she spoke with A&E and was told the repairmans tale of lies. This repairman had once before serviced the machine, didn't do his job properly and it was specifically requested he NOT be sent again, yet he was. I was told that my neighbors service contract was being cancelled and a refund issued.

No one I have contacted could, or would, give me the repairmans name so that I could follow up with filing charges. I would not recommend using Sears or A&E for your equipment needs if this is how their employees act.

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Well I think common sense would tell you not to walk behind a van knowing that person just entered it and was leaving. Of course he had to backup to get out of the driveway.

Of course he wasn't going to leave after you accused him of attempted man slaughter with motor vehicle. He was going to stay and give his side of story to the police. He would look guilty if he took off.

Why was your neighbor screaming and yelling? Because he was leaving?


I would have to say someone needs money that's the kind of tricks that make service call prices go up. I have had many service calls from a& e and never had a problem very well trained and curtious technician's


:( :( :( Why were you flagging him down in the first place, you are not even the one involved. I hear you with your saying "was concerned with your neighbor" that's it - you're not to cross that line and should not be sticking your nose where it shouldn't be.

Secondly, I know for a fact you stayed at the back of the truck on purpose so he can't drive away . I'm an A&E tech and i swear I would never do such a thing. Run over someone, be real with your accusation dude. We take pride in wearing our uniform, to complete the repair as we can, and never to argue in any way with the customer, however unbearable as they can be.

I see you are witholding some truths in your writing.

We are the same person as you are, we are not perfect in every way and so do not pretend yourself that you are the most honorable person there is.

to Antioch #712736

"Secondly, I know for a fact you stayed at the back of the truck on purpose so he can't drive away ."

I assume this is the A&E repairman trying to cover himself. Thank you for further proof you are unreasonable and lie. What if I were to tell you that there is a separate independent witness who saw the whole thing?

to TamraM Cicero, Illinois, United States #714296


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