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I arranged to have the ice dispenser of my Whirlpool refrigerator repaired using Whirlpool's "Schedule Service" feature on their website. There are 3 authorized service providers in my area but since A&E was at the top of the list and had the soonest time available (Which, by the way, they rescheduled for 1 whole week later.

Curious.) I chose them. Yesterday the technician quoted $198 for labor on the repair, and since I was told that I would be charged $70 to diagnose the problem whether or not I had the work done, I agreed. Imagine my surprise when the entire job took only 15 minutes! When I remarked on the high labor charge he told me that A&E does not charge by the time needed for a job but uses their own fee schedule based on type of job.

This is good since otherwise they would be charging close to $800/hour! But what does A&E the base their labor charges on -- certainly not difficulty, since mine was such an easy fix it took only minutes to diagnose and minutes to repair. I paid A&E a total of $218.63 for a 15 minute repair. The sad thing is this morning I called the other 2 companies listed on Whirlpool's website.

Both agreed on the cost of the part, but one company said they charge $120 total (labor, part, tax) for the same job, the other company quoted $150 total. A&E Factory Services is engaged in price gouging and Whirlpool is participating by scheduling appointments for them.

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I have to say I agree with techiero

Id rather have someone who knows what he is doing vers someone thats learning on my appliance


$219 does seem a bit high, but you failed to mention whether or not the technician replaced any parts. It sounds to me like the labor charge is what is called "flat rate".

While you are only thinking about the 15 minutes that the technician spent working on the fix, don't forget that travel time to and from the job was also incurred. The cost to the company for the travel and travel time likely exceeded the cost of labor for the 15 minute repair, especially with Obama $4/gallon gas! You are correct that labor charges are not based on difficulty.

The company has to hire technicians with adequate training and experience in order to handle most any difficulty level that may come his/her way, and the technician is paid the same hourly wage regardless of the difficulty level of the particular job. The fact that the technician completed the repair in just 15 minutes likely indicates that he is very highly skilled & experienced, whereas a technician with a lower skill & experience level might have taken twice as long (or more) to do the same job.

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