I am horrified at reading all those comments about A&E Factory Service after I had them replace an icemaker motor module on my 2006 Whirlpool side-by-side refigerator/freezer. I only wish I had checked them out before I did. My only excuse is that I got them directly from the whirlpool.com Web site and scheduled them from there as well. How could I suspect that I could not place my trust in Whirlpool??? Here is the relevant information to contact this company: AE Factory Service,597 E ORDNANCE RD. GLEN BURNIE, Maryland. Phone: 1(800) 905-9505. A&E Factory Service is a rip-off firm that overcharges for parts by about 75%, and who knows by how much for labor. I needed only the icemaker motor module, and they charged me $175.61 for the part, when I could have ordered the entire icemaker from the Whirlpool online parts store for less than $100.00 (including shipping). The technician spent about 30 seconds diagnosing my problem, and about 2 minutes installing the replacement part, to the tune of about another $185.00 for labor ... that's a darn good wage for 2-1/2 minutes of work and, of course, the cost of the gas for service call! Then, on top of it all, he made a mistake in charging my credit card for the entire icemaker. When I called AE, they assured me that a credit for the "inadvertent" overcharge of $55.36 would be posted to my credit card account immdiately and that I would also receive a $70.00 credit for the "service call". on which I had insisted before agreeing to the repair. Here it is, 10 days later, and no credit! Well, I know how to fix that ... I'll contest the entire charge when I get my credit card statement and let the credit bcard company fight it out with AE! All I can say, is AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Their rates are nothing short of usurious and they will rip you off if you let them! hbva. Alexandria, VA 22304

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