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The repairman, who acted as if I was causing him a huge inconvenience to look at my refridgerator, was unable to fix my NEW refridgerator and then failed to submit the proper paperwork to the manufacturer so that I could get a new refridgerator. My claim for a replacement was denied because he just listed the problem and never wrote that it was unrepairable.

When I called to complain, the service rep argued with me. Luckily Lowe's is working with me to get another repair appointment with another company so that I can get this resolved. But this is causing a huge amount of extra time and effort.

I will never use this company again. Their customer un-service is awful and they were more interested in defending their company than resolving my compaint (which stands currently unresolved.) Why does Lowe's use A&E when there are so MANY complaints against them???

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AE Service

Dear Anonymous,

I came across your post and I wanted to reach out and offer our assistance in getting this unfortunate situation resolved. Please accept our sincere apology for the problems you encountered getting your new refrigerator's service appointment documented so that you can receive a replacement refrigerator. It is unacceptable for the technician to argue with you regarding this replacement paperwork. We are very sorry for your inconvenience and difficulty getting your new refrigerator. We would like to look into this issue further and offer our assistance toward resolving this situation.

At your convenience please contact our office at AEservice@aefactoryservice.com so we can further discuss your concerns. In the email please provide us with a contact number and the phone number the refrigerator is listed under and we will contact you directly. In addition, please include the screen name that I have assigned you (PC002) in your email for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.

A&E Solutions Team

A&E Cares

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