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A&E factory service was used to cover our extended warranty on a washer/dryer pair bought from hh gregg in 2009. This month our washer stopped running the spin cycle and left the clothes sopping wet. Enter A&E.

Upon initial phone call, we were given a 1 week out appointment, 'next Thursday between 1 and 5pm, which was manageable, but not great for toting laundry for a whole family out of the house for a week. Techs show up at 4pm on repair day and are here for 10 minutes, tell us the motor and brake are out in the machine and will have to order the part. He told us the part would be shipped to the house in a few days and while ordering the part he set up an appointment for the following week to have it installed.

So about 4 days go by and wife decides that maybe we should contact them, since we have had no confirmation on appointment coming up. Well, after getting them on the phone, they are telling us that it will not be the coming Thursday, but the following week after, because they are backed up. After getting the manager on the phone, who was rude and unhelpful, she hangs up with appointment still a week and a half out and calls hh gregg customer service. My now raging wife is greeted by a better customer service employee thru hh gregg that had no pull with A&E, and manages to get the appointment moved up an entire day, from next Wednesday to next Tuesday, so only eight days instead of nine.

Tech shows up on appointment day and gets part changed out and as he's leaving, I ask if it test ran okay, to which he replied that it was all back in great shape. So we do a couple loads of laundry and behold, soaking wet clothes. Back to the phone for another gripe fest about the repair. We luck out and can get the guy back on Thursday, only a two day wait! Yeah!

Day of reckoning comes and we had also scheduled carpet cleaning in our house which ended up on the same day, great for us for the combined waiting. So tech shows up right on time at a few minutes shy of 9am and begins work to re-diagnose the washer. Carpet cleaning service shows up about 15 minutes later and had mentioned that the A&E van would need moved out of the drive so they could trade spots to run hose, makes sense right? So they ask the guy to move once and he does nothing. My wife mentions something to him and he tells her that they 'have enough hose to run to the back yard'. What!? The second time the carpet guys ask outside, the tech blows his top and throws his tools into his van, jumps in his van and storms it to the curb...a great show of professionalism. I think someone needed coffee.

So the two-faced tech finally figures out that the sensor on the side of the drum is bad and will need to be ordered. He then wraps up by saying he ordered the part, will come here, yada, yada, yada, but he's on vacation all next week so he will not be here to do the repair and that customer service would call to schedule appointment. Guess what. When they call, it can't be the next week, but has to be the following week because they are overbooked. So we have now gone thru the entire month of July with a *** washer and going on a fourth visit by A&E to get it back up and running. Next step will be demanding a new washer because they have basically replaced all the guts in it at this point, at least more parts that what the washer is even worth brand new.

So we are left with a box of new parts sitting in the laundry room and hopes of a technician showing up next Tuesday, between 1pm and Christmas. Bottom line - if it breaks, expect at least two weeks minimum getting something fixed, and do anything you can to NOT get A&E as your extended warranty repair service. Good luck.

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