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This is unbelievably bad service. I bought a new dishwasher from Whirlpool, and after two months in the house, my tenant said it doesn't work. When I called, the automated system verified who I was by the number I was calling from (so they definitely had my phone number). THey asked for my number again before I was given the usual 4 hour time frame in which they might come by several days later.

I am single, and live and work 45 minutes away, so was very clear about the fact that I need notice of more than 15 minutes. I repeated to them that I am not at a job where I can just walk out, or take 4 hours off. They agreed. The day of the appt., I decided to play it safe, and took the afternoon off, UNPAID. I waited from 12:30pm until 6 pm at the house before calling to find out why the guy never showed. Apparently, in spite of confirming my number twice, they only had my number from 8 years prior, so had called that number to cancel.

They rescheduled a week out. The following Friday I could not take the whole day off, so waited for the guy to call. He called and asked if I was at home. I told him no I'm not; I'm at work, and I don't live at the house. He seemed surprised, and said he was a few minutes away. I told him even if I had a lear jet, I couldn't get there in less than 40 minutes, so he agreed to meet me there in 40 minutes. I arrived in 44 minutes to find a note on the door that he had left. I called him but he didn't answer. I called A & E and they said they'd have him call me. I waited half an hour before calling again. THey told me they'd contact dispatch, then came back to say the guy was in another area, and couldn't come back for a week.

I called Whirlpool and insisted they send someone else out besides A & E.

This is beyond absurdly bad service and we all MUST stop putting up with it.

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I went through the saame thing, I found out that Sears owns A+E, call Sears and demand they pay for your time you missed at work

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