A and E came to my house to fix a Maytag stove surface element. When the element arrived by mail he came again and installed it.

I noticed that he had chipped the ceramic of the element. Because of this the element failed six months later. I explained this to customer service. They said a manager would contact me.

Never did. The same tech came out to my house. As soon as he understood that I wanted the repair done free of charge he left saying he would order the part. No part came.

A week later I phoned A and E and they said they technician had told them I had "cancelled at the door". This is a complete lie. Finally a "manager" phoned me. He was so unprofessional that he didn't even give his name or say he worked at A and E.

He just said "Hello" and I had to guess who it was. Talk about amateurish clowns. The he said "How can we believe you that the tech damaged the element during installation?"

I have ordered the part and plan to install it myself.

A and E is incompetent and they lie. Avoid at all costs.

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I would almost bet the response from Santa Rosa, CA was probably an A&E employee or an complete idiotic troll! I suggest you download the manual from the source company.

I've been repairing stuff for over 40 years and most of it isn't very difficult if you have the manual and tools.

If you feel uncomfortable about making the replacement, I suggest you contact a REPUTABLE company. I certainly don't consider A&E as one!


Sorry you had to receive a comment from someone who can't spell.

The company lied to me also. They're horrible. I am amazed they remain in business.

Hope you were able to fix your stove.


I guarantee that what ever chip yur talking about on the element.did not cause that part to fail and 6 months later come on u bought a piece of *** machine and then had the nerve to ask for work for free LOL *** goahead and install the element yourself probably gunna screw it up LOL yur review was laughable thanks

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