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The company offers its services seven days a week starting from 6 a.m. to midnight to fit busy schedules of customers.

Liars! Unfortunately this is the company Best Buy uses for warranty coverage. Don't use this company or buy from Best Buy!

A month to come out for diagnosis. After the parts get mailed to my house the next appointment available is not for another month!

Find that hard to believe! All the people answering the phones for them are foreign and have no clue what your trying to tell them. God Forbid a problem arises! Can not speak to an actual tech at all!

SOOOOO they can not understand in the 5 times they have been called that when the tech came out to diagnose my fridge he said he thought one of the parts was included with the two he ordered, well guess what it was NOT. So he will be coming out in a month to only to have to order another part. AND I'm sure it will take another month to get another appointment.

SO my 2 MONTH OLD fridge will now take 3 month to have fixed! ABSURD!

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We have had the same issues with our refrigerator service! The technician ordered a part.

.gave me a date of 2 weeks to come back, only to have a text, two days later saying that date is unavailable and trying to reschedule another 2 weeks out! Also, dealing with people who do not speak much English!

We have a Sears Protection Agreement. .do not purchase one..you will be sorry!

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