I had a Samsung dryer that needed a new drum, the first repair guy (which was a 2 week wait) called and asked me to describe to him what was wrong and I did and he ordered the part. He didn't even come out.

I then had to wait for the part to come in then reschedule for them to come out and then they had my friends' number as a backup number in case I could not be reached....instead of calling me on the day they were to come out...they called her phone and left a message on her voicemail and her voicemail says her name on it and her name sounds NOTHING at all like my name!! I was gone for 30 mins that morning and during that 30 mins is when they came by but they didn't come to the door they put a post it note in the mail box with my friends name (not even spelled right) as the customer. Then I called the company my dryer was bought through and they called them and it was another 2 week wait....this time they lied to me and the company I bought my dryer through...they said I was scheduled for service but at the end of the business day and after I called around lunchtime verifying I was on the schedule....they NEVER showed!! I called them back and they told me the person tried calling me and that since they couldn't reach me they ASSUMED I wasn't home!!!!

To put it nicely I was BEYOND PISSED!!!! I told them they were full of it and I never received a phone call and I had been home all day!!!! I told them their a bunch of *** idiots and I'm reporting them to the better business bureau and having them put on the military ban list!!

My husband is overseas serving our country and these idiots can't get a repair schedule right!!!!! The upside to this is the company i bought my washer and dryer from less than a year ago replaced the set both washer and dryer with new ones!!!!

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