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Dishwasher was running beautifully one afternoon, then shut down in the final rinse cylcle. There was no lights on the touch pad , no power, nothing. It seemed it had died. Went online to Maytag" website and was referred to A&E Factory services. My husband made the appointment for 8am-12p, the time passed and we had to go to work. The technician then calls my husband to tell him he is running late, at half past 1 pm. Hubby says he left because he actually has to be ON TIME for his job and reschedules.

The tech comes out to us on that date, on time. He plugs in his computer and said he is running a diagnostic. A few moments passes and he declares, verbatim, " Your electrical panel is completely shot. It will not work again with out a repair to it or a whole new dishwasher". He gives a price for both and the new dishwasher , he said would be better, we agreed and declined the estimate, paid the 129. No service, a missed appt and 10 mins of "labor" plugging into my dishwasher.

I just now opened and closed my dishwasher, pressed the on button and all the power that he said would never return has and is running beautifully again, so how was my touch pad shot ? We hadn't been able to use it since December 26, 2013! Horrible and Incorrect advice especially since he ran a 'high tech diagnostic'.

I called into the customer service dept which is in Texas, to speak with a CS manager and log a complaint and receive a refund for services , not rendered and was not at all happy with the service from the CS manager Star- ( Id #300...who said that my dishwasher had an intermittent power do you know that never seeing my dishwasher, or running a test or all the over in TEXAS!? Are you kidding me! She was not helpful and was not knowledgable about anything she was saying. I will be writing to the president, Sean Ramsey about both abhorrent service interactions. By the way I seem to be on my 2nd dish load , using my " completely shot panel"! Never Again with A&E Factory and you should not as well

Product or Service Mentioned: Ae Factory Service Repair.

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Dear Etmedl1308,

My name is Edwin and I am part of the A&E Solutions team. Please accept our sincerest apologies for level of customer service rendered in reference to the diagnosis of your dishwasher.

I can understand how frustrating it is when you decided to give another attempt to see if your dishwasher works and it contradicted by all means the technician’s assessment. We’d like to talk to you about this experience and provide you any additional assistance that may be needed. At your convenience please contact our office at so we can further discuss your concerns. In the email please provide us with your contact #, screen name (Etmedl1308), and the phone # used at time of purchase.

Again, we apologize for the inconveniences faced, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Edwin C.

A&E Solutions Team

A&E Cares

Harlingen, Texas, United States #774030

The techs computer does NOT plug into the dishwasher. Not sure what you saw there but those units develop moisture on the user interface boards, it probably dried out is why it started working again.

Also, if you check at the electrical terminal block at the base (lower right hand side), make sure all wire nuts and ground are secure, moving door up/down or possibly just walking around kitchen can cause power to stop/start intermittently. good luck.

to ApplianceWhisperer #775038

Interesting how the "tech " couldn't even suggest these simple ideas as to why the dishwasher was not working but proceeded to offer much, much more expensive and time consuming suggestions. In addition or unit is a wall in unit, we don't have access to the electrical terminal block of which your referring.

Regardless, a&e will not see the inside of my home ever again and by the nearly 1000 complaints we see here, many feel the same. We have suggested the same goes for the 7 units in my condo building who own the same model of dishwasher, :( as well.

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