Oscar, ID#790378, was our Service Technician. He arrived promptly, diagnosed the problem, (Kinked hose on back of Ice Maker), and helped with some cleaning of the equipment. Then, re-installed the ice maker and assisted with starting the cleaning cycle and left.

Towards the end of the cleaning cycle, the ice maker was pouring water all over the kitchen floor until if completed the cycle and the ice maker ran out of fluids.

We have called Oscar several times requesting that he return to fix the flooding on the floor. He explained that the return visit would have to be on his own time and for free. We could enter another repair request, which put us back at the end of the line and could take several days for the next appointment. He offered to come by again, if he could squeeze it into his other appointments.

Oscar never came back, and did not return messages to determine when he could come by. I guess we are stuck with the $100 in labor we paid for nothing, and we will have to pay again to get our ice maker to work. He suggested our regular plumber to repair the condensate pump, but he wasn't sure that was really a problem!

I don't like being ripped off. John Bingham 980-322-8401, Bingham53@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Ice Maker.

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