Made an appoitment with A & E, Sears repair service, for a new microwave that was not working. The first appointment they did not show up at all during the 4 hour window they gave me, which I had to take work off for.

When I called after the 4 hours they told me they were 1 hour behind, but did not show the common courtesy to call and tell me. When I told them I could no longer wait they told me it would be another week before they had another slot, this is the best they could do after standing me up! They finally arrived and had to order a part which took 10 days, when they arrived to install it was the wrong part. They did ship a new one on two day delivery, but once it arrive they told me I would have to wait another week for someone to install it.

When I called to try and get it done earlier I was basically told tough luck again. I asked if I could talk to a supervisor and was told by the call sevice there was not one. When I insisted they told me they would connect me to a supervisor I was put on hold for 40 minutes.

A & E Sears service department will keep me from ever buying another appliance from them. They never once apologized or tried to rectify the situation in a professional sincere manner.

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