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Well let me start by saying I dont think my washing machine is repairable, its just over 2 years old and we shouldn't be having these issues. It began having trouble staying balanced, we had to pull out everything but 5-8 items just to get it to spin fully.

The technician came out on June 9th to check it out, had to order parts (transmission and an agitator) and couldn't return until the parts were at our house so the repairs happened about 2 weeks later. He came out and changed out the parts and left, that night when I tried to use the machine it made an awful noise like the gears weren't connecting so I called a&e and they sent him back out a couple days later...found out he dropped a washer on the floor when he was putting it back together several days before. He left again, I tried to run a load and it still went off balance. Made our 2nd service call about this same issue, he came out again on July 23rd (5 days ago) and brought a new control board and said "if this doesnt work there is nothing else I can do, they will send me out again but this is my last option".

Well, it still didn't fix the problem and I called 3 days later (July 26th) for our 3rd service call. I had noticed a funny smell in our laundry room the morning after he had come out last (July 23rd) but thought maybe it was the towel he used to clean up water from the drain tube, I was sadly mistaken. I got to examining our laundry room today (5 days after he came out last) and found a steady drip from our cold water connection and a lot of water behind our washer and dryer along with a damaged floor! For the past 5 das water has been dripping on our floor ruining the flooring, part of the wall, and warping the wood.

I called A&E and told them about the issue that has happened due to the technician and their reply was "we understand but we cant get anyone out to you until August 5th" I spoke to a supervisor and her response was no different "we cant get anyone to you until your scheduled appointment, we can put you on the list to be called first if someone cancels". What kind of *** is that? You were able to send him out a few days after the first service was botched but we have to as I this time? Your technician has caused property damage and you cant send someone sooner than that?

I contacted Lowes because that's where we bought our washer and dryer, someone is supposed to be contacting us about the property damage...for some reason Im not holding my breath. Pissed off to the max about this washer! DONT BY A SAMSUNG WASHER! A&E is a joke and dont really care about their customers!

Its gotten to the point were I'm about to just go face to face with a manager at Lowe's to see what can be done about this machine. We shouldn't have to deal with this as long as we have!

This person wrote the review because of "baby customer service and damaged property!" at Ae Factory Service and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $800 and wants Ae Factory Service to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was technician caused property damage. Author liked the most technician was very nice and personable. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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