Why is it that people seem to do research on a company after they get screwed. I wish I'd have taken the time to do my homework.

I have a Maytag Microwave that had a broken handle we looked at for two months. It seemed like an easy fix with the right parts and I finally got around to the task. Maytag advised that they don't sell parts and could only refer a contractor for a service trip. The customer service agent (CSA) said that the contractor could sell me the part and that they didn't know what the contractor charged for a service trip. An appoitmment was scheduled and I was told three times that the contractor would contact me before they came to the house to discuss parts and pricing.

The contactor, A&E Factory Servcice, hadn't called or showed up so I went out for the afternoon while my mom stayed with my kids at home. Apparently, a service tech called the house and said they were coming out. The tech came inside and put one screw in the microwave before asking my mom for $140. She didn't know what to do, so she paid with her credit card.

I contacted A&E who stated that Maytag should have told me of the service charge (by contract) when I scheduled the appointment. Of course, they never did. Maytag told me that they aren't aware of what their contractors charge and that it is their policy not to inform the customer, because they have so many contractors with varying rates. They also said that their contract with A&E specifically states that they are to advise the customer of the service fee when they call to tell the customer their on the way and again before they come into the house. This never happened, either.

Why didn't A&E contact me? Why didn't they ever dicuss the service fee? Why is the service fee so outrageous?

I have spent no less that four hours on the phone with CSA'S and Managers with both companies, however, they blame each other and neither party wishes to address the other. They both played, "Who's on first" with me too. I explained to Maytag that A&E is dependent upon service referals given to them and that they have leverage on the company to do the right thing. A manager with Maytag agreed and finally said she would take on the problem and would be contacting A&E to get me a reimbursement.

I definitly don't trust A&E and I'm not holding my breath with Maytag, either. If Maytag doesn't come through on this, I will never buy another GE/Maytag/Whirlpool product again!!!

Monetary Loss: $140.

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