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Update by user Jan 14, 2013

The next appointment was scheduled for 1/15/13. They actually had a cancellation for 1/8/13!!!

That repairman said he would replace the metal plate that actually freezes the water as it was warped. (I had asked a previous repairman about this and he said there was nothing wrong with it, "they make it that way"!). He ordered 2 parts that would arrive within the week but just to be sure he made the installation appointment for 1/17/13 (2 extra days). Note, that is a Thursday...they previously insisted they only service my area on Tuesdays!

On 1/10/13 (1 week before appointment) I was called and told one of the parts was on backorder expected to arrive on 1/17 and they needed to reschedule.

The earliest available appointment was on 1/29/13. Typical!!!

Original review posted by user Dec 14, 2012

I must be the world’s biggest sucker! Who knew excellent customer service consisted of having to wait 3 to 4 weeks for an appointment, opening your home to a repairman who doesn’t know how to repair your appliance (and doesn’t care), tells you the whooshing-sound-made-by-your-icemaker-(that won’t make ice)-which-lasts-2-or-more-hours-until-you-get-sick-of-it-and-turn-it-off is normal (I recorded the sound with my iPhone so he would know exactly the noise it was making). Seriously!!! I waited 3 weeks for you to listen to the recording without looking at the machine only to tell me my non-functioning, very noisy icemaker doesn’t have anything wrong with it! Oh, okay, now you’ll replace the motherboard. Good, now we’re getting somewhere. Twenty minutes later, displaying a wire about 12 inches long…”here is your problem, I replaced the thermostat.” Wait, didn’t you replace the thermostat 5 weeks ago on the last appointment I waited 3 weeks for? “There are two thermostats in the icemaker; you should have ice in a couple of hours.” What about the motherboard? “No, it was the thermostat.” (insert heavy sigh of frustration) Okaaaay, are you certain that is the problem. Sounds like the pump is working really hard, is it getting ready to go out? “No.” Okay, this is very frustrating because it consistently takes me 3 weeks to get an appointment, Christmas in 10 days, lots of company coming. “It should be fine now.”

Fast forward 6 hours. No more whooshing sound but also…..NO ICE! Unbelievable! Call in (very politely) to report that something is still wrong and I need him to come back out right away, holidays coming, need ice. The completely-devoid-of-emotion-robot-of-a-phone-rep informs me the earliest available appointment is a full FOUR WEEKS out. I must have misheard, did you say 4 weeks!!! No, no…this is unacceptable, your man was just here today and didn’t fix the problem, send him back today, or at least in the next few days. “Sorry, that is our first available, we only come to your neighborhood on Tuesdays!” Please let me discuss this with your supervisor.

I explain problem to supervisor and insist I have paid for a “service contract”, am not getting service, this is unacceptable. Please send someone right away even if on another day (the repairman assured me they come to my neighborhood every day including Saturdays). Older sister robot of previous robot says “I understand, this is our earliest appointment.” No, no you don’t understand, no service is happening here. “I understand, this is our earliest appointment.” This is unacceptable you can send someone on a different day, I’ll be waiting. “I understand, this is our earliest appointment.” Really, those are the only words you know!?! I quickly learned it is impossible to argue with a robot that only knows 7 words. I asked to be place on a cancellation list for earlier service. Like that will actually happen…no one is going to cancel when they have waited 4 weeks for their un-trained, un-caring “service” repairman!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ae Factory Service Repair.

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:cry :cry :cry I can save XMAS put ice in trays in the freezer you have a working fridge use it :cry :cry :cry

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