This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. The customer services reps are terrible, unfriendly & will continue to hang up on you if you keep calling back.

The techs will lie about what time they say they show up. 6 weeks I have been dealing with company because this is who is contracted for our warranty. 4 seperate visits from techs to my house & still a dryer that is not working. We have had a tech show up 6 hours after the alloted time frame.

Not show up at all. As well as show up 3 hours before alloted service time. Once we finally got a competant tech to the houseto figure out what was wrong with our dryer, he magically had to order parts even though a tech was just at our house an hour before from a company who could not service us through our warranty has it on his truck.

They will claim they never received calls from you, continue to transfer you around & around to just not deal with you, anything to not provide any sort of service to you. Save yourself the time & find another company.

Review about: Ae Factory Service Repair.

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