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Less than 3 years ago we purchased appliances at Lowes (washer and dryer). We also purchased the extended warranty offered. On July 2nd, my dryer quit heating so I called the company on the brochure to submit a request for repair. I was told that the next available appointment wasn't until July 12th so I scheduled for the 8-12 time slot. Having a family of 5, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of going so long without a dryer and having to haul my 8 month old BABY to the dirty laundromat but I didn't have any other options.

July 12th, the technician finally shows up at my house shortly before Noon. I had to run and pick up my son from swimming lessons and when I returned the tech said that he had figured out the problem--it was indeed the heating element. I thought "well duh"---THEN he proceeds to tell me that he has to order the part!!!! When I questioned him as to why they wouldn't carry the parts with them he said that the "company" doesn't want to spend the money to ship the parts until they know what part they are going to need--because if it wasn't the heating element--the "company" would have to spend the money to return the part. The poor guy probably feared for his life at this point---he said that he "emergency ordered" the part and that it would ship directly to me in 2 days or perhaps 1 week...he didn't know. THEN he told me that the next available appointment in our area wasn't until August 2nd. This would mean that I will be without a dryer for an entire month. Are you kidding me????

He told me that I would have to call the "company" to try to get the date moved up. He also indicated that A&E Factory Service is actually owned by on the days he works on a product purchased at Lowes, he wears his A&E uniform and hands out those business cards, but when he works on Sears items, he wears that uniform/business cards.

After he left, I called the number on the A&E card. Spoke with three different people (repeating my story three times) about my disappointing situation..the final person being a "manager" at some call center in who-knows-where who basically told me that there was no way to speed up the process, track the part, etc. I mean seriously, these people could not care less. I then find out that the part (remember the "emergency order"?) won't be here until maybe July 20th. Maybe before--but no guarantees.... Ugh! I'm so frustrated by this point. The lady tells me that she can't even schedule my appointment until tomorrow (July 13th) and that I would have to call back then. I asked her if there was a way I could contact her again so that I didn't have to go through the agony of explaining my situation another 5 or 6 times. No--of course not.

So today (July 13th) I have spent a great portion of my day trying to get somewhere with these crooks. I have called Sears, and then they transferred me to A&E because I'm sure they got tired of listening to me complain and as such pesky questions about the service I paid for but wasn't getting....A&E (call center again) was no help either....

Meanwhile, the laundry piles up--and I have to make another trip to the laundromat. As I read other reviews about this company I'm just saddened by the fact that we as consumers are being ripped off by these huge companies like Sears and Lowes. We go there because they offer a better deal than the smaller hometown guy but we end up paying MORE in the long run because these big companies don't CARE about us.

The absurdity of the situation is insane. I have no idea where the technician had to drive from because we live in outstate Minnesota (rural) but how efficient is it for him to have to make this journey TWICE? I'm guessing that it would have been cheaper to pay the shipping for the part and then they'd actually have a slighty-less-offended customer.

I really can't say enough about how disappointed I am by this companies service. I should add that in defense of the technician...he was very nice and professional. It's not his fault that these companies have no idea what they are doing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ae Factory Service Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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I too feel your pain. We bought a Kenmore washer and dryer from sears 3 years ago and for the past 6 months the washer has been unreliable with constant breakdowns.

Everytime I call to schedule an appointment I end up arguing with them about their scheduling practices and unprofessionalism and shotty techs they send out. I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old but these jack**** (please pardon my french) could care less if i have to make a 40 mile round trip to the lousy laundromat in my nearest town. Last month when my washer failed I knew it was the timer that had gone out. After fighting with these people that the washer was not an indispensable item they sent a tech out in 3 days.

He had no clue what was wrong with it but since my wife was the only one that could stay and meet up with him, he thought that she didn't know what she was saying. He ordered a new motor which was not needed and to top it off I had to fight with them to get a new appointment ASAP. Trust me profanity falls short to what I was telling them what they can do with the motor. Finally two weeks later another tech shows up and he states the motor is good and the timer was bad, WELL DUH!!

Luckily he had an extra timer and he had it working in no time. I have to admit that this last tech knew his stuff and I appoligized to him for being angry towards him and he said no problem cuz he understood my frustration for the past three weeks.

I will never never never buy a protection plan with any national retailer because they all use A&E Factory service. I would rather buy an affordable washer and dryer every two or three years than to put up with A&E's unprofessional customer reps and so called supervisors that are in timbucktoo or any third world country!!!!!

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