Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania

My 10 mo old washer stopped working. Called for service was told a&e was service provider.

Made appt. Spoke w lowes. They said 2 make the appt thru them. So did that.

Called a&e back. They said no, manuf warranty deals w me not lowes. They cancelled lowes appt kept mine (which was sooner). Fine.

They alled day b4 2 confirm some1 over 18 there bla bla. Waited when it was 20 mins b4 repair windo was up called. They said he was on his way in next 5 mins. Fine.

2 hrs later I call again. They claimed they had no record of an appt 4 me that day or of me calling 2 hrs prior and had me 4 an appt 10 days later at a time I wasn't available. Asked 4 supervisor. Said none available in meeting 4 an hr...said I waited all day ill wait om hold 4 an hr...2 mins later a supervisor parroted that I didn't have an appt no record of call and conveniently everything closed can't check recorded calls.

I still have no washer and missed a days work and very annoyed.

Called lowes and they have no other service providers contracted but would put in 4 a supervisors override 2 get me a diff service company. In meantime I await call from a&e to confrim the recordings of my calls...for all the good that does me.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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