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Was scheduled an appointment on 4/16/2013 between noon and 5pm for a technician to come out and look at my dryer. A technician called to confirm the appointment at about 2pm but was unable to answer do to work.

Called technician back like 2 minutes later to confirm the appointment and was told by dispatcher that a technician will be at the house shortly. 4pm came around and no technician yet. Called the dispatcher again and once again I was told that the tech will be at the house anytime before 5pm. 530pm came around and no one showed up, once again I called the dispatcher and come to found out that because I didn't answer my phone to confirm the appointment the technician assumes that no one is home.

This is the third person I spoke with and the first two people tell me that my appointment is still active and now a third person tells me I have to reschedule. OK, I rescheduled the appointment and while doing it I'm told that its company policy for the technician to call prior to the appointment to confirm that someone will home. That's when I gave them specific instructions that someone will be home not me and that I'm unable to answer the phone because I'm at work. I did confirm that someone will be waiting even though I don't answer which is very difficult to answer the phone while I'm at work.

The female I spoke with stated that she told dispatcher about my specific instructions and she stated that hopefully it shouldn't be a problem but that the technician will still call to confirm appointment. New appointment was set up for Thursday 4/18. Again 4pm came around and no technician has stopped by the house. I waited till 5pm to see if they would show up but it never happened.

I called the dispatcher after I got out of work and asked why didn't they stopped by the house. All they could say was that because I didn't answer the phone to confirm the appointment the technician assumes right away that no one is home when I told them specifically that someone will be home weather I answered or not the phone. All of this issue just because its company policy.

The company rather's to follow a *** company policy which I really think is not at all satisfying the customer. Its really but really poor customer service.

As a customer service representative I go above and beyond to satisfy the customer in every way we can even if it means going above company policy. What matters is to make the customer happy and satisfied.

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