I had an appointment 1-5 the guy arrives at 4:50 and was here 30 minutes and I was charged

$141.00 for labor the total bill was $188.27. Now the part was only 47.27, needless to say I will

never use A&E again! The repairman was very nice and polite but...Imade the appointment a week

ahead of time and to arrive 10 minutes before the time given and then charge $141.00 for 30 minutes of work is robbery. Can't imagine they get much repeat business, definitely not me! Don't they know people are having tuff times!

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To be honest $188.27 seems cheap to me. If u want a monkey in a truck w/o any training for $65 then call them, if u want a trained professional then u will have to pay for the service.....


he got there in the time frame he was suppose too--he fixed your problem--so whats the problem? his labor also had a service call figured in and the time he spent fixing it--you have no idea of what his over head is--maybe you should have fixed it your self--ooo but wait you don't know how--so he's a trained professional and charged you for his knowledge and time--shame on him !!

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