A&E charged me 175 to repair and replace a prat on my Maytag Washer Dryer Unit. We had left town when the part came in so the apt manger let them in when the part arrived. The repair men called me at home in va to say it was a faulty switch and they had successfully repaired the washer part of the machine.

The machine was turned on yesterday for the first time since the repair and it still didn't work; the water was not drainiing out of the machine.

A and E refused to honor any warrantee for this. They said I was a month out or the warrantee period and they wouldn't accept anyone's word that the machine had never been turned on since the repair man left.

What makes it worse is that when a new service co came today, they laughed at the notion that it was a switch when it was clear to any *** that the pump was the problem.

A and e sent out o e guy and then another with fancy computers to diagnose problems when in fact mon of them knew squat about how to fix my machines.

Never us A&E repair service. They stink!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1999.

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