9/9/14 A & E Tech repaired the door of my top loading washing machine. I threw in a load and 7 minutes later the machine began flooding.

I did as much as I knew how but called A & E for 2 hours begging for tech help and they could only see me the following week for repair. Called my own plumber by which time the ceiling in the kitchen had fallen down ( washing machine on second floor), water running through ceiling fixtures, carpets and floors on levels one and two flooded, tiles in bathroom, office and main closet flooded. My house has not been liveable since then and haven't had a washing machine for at least 2 weeks. Damage in the many thousands and all because A & E refused to get me a tech when I was begging.

There is no one to talk to, no one accepts blame, they have no physical address of the technician work area, and because of them I have no where to live, to breathe plus all the work of movingand paperwork.

All those people went home that night and I am left with this. Horrible!

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Germantown, Maryland, United States #926662

A&E has an insurance company that covers that stuff. The manager is lying and an ***.

I cant remember the name of the insurance company though. But they DO have coverage. I worked for them. I no longer do thank goodness, they are tramps and thieves.

and incompetent. They have managers who have zero field experience and they do NOT care about the customer. First time I met my manager, Carl.

He asked what the number 1 goal is, I said a satisfied customer and he said absolutely not, its making money. That should tell you their philosophy .


This sounds like fraud and a lie. How can 7 minutes of washing cause that much damage, if you keep using the washer after you know it was not working right then is was your fault.

I think you are just trying to get a an extra buck from A&E. Unless you are really *** and don't know how to shut off the water to your washer or unplug it from the wall.

New York, New York, United States #879857

What state is this ?

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