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A&E repaired my microwave (warranty) after three attempts... 3 days off work waiting for them (only once did they arrive in the agreed upon 8-noon timeframe).

Now a dishwasher issue... 8-noon commitment. Not a word from them until 12:30pm (and couldn't wait any longer needing to go back to work). "Waiting for the Cable-Guy" is no longer an issue... the joke now is "waiting for the A&E guy". Pitiful.

Their website claims of "we show up on time" are misleading and fraudulent. Avoid these guys like the plague.

If you are covered by warranty and your manufacturer proposes an A&E service appointment, request other options.

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It is not the tech that makes the route everyday. The routing office does.

The techs have nothing to do with that. And just remember, the techs are the ones that will comes to your house...Not the routing office. Have you ever tried to get comcast cable at your house? They are NEVER on time.


the routing office that schedules the days route doesn't look at how long it takes to get to each call and how long it will take and the poor techs take the heat for it. Not their fault!

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